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Quince Imaging Acquires Red Envelope Consulting & Appoints Ron Birkla to Lead New Division

Driving Innovation: Quince Hires Industry Expert to Lead New Transportation Division

Quince Imaging to Expand Installation of Custom Video Solutions for Transportation & Critical Infrastructure in North America

Quince Imaging, a pioneer in immersive displays, announces the inauguration of its new Critical Infrastructure and Transportation Division. This strategic expansion is led by the acquisition of Red Envelope Consulting and appointing industry veteran, Ron Birkla, who brings over three decades of unparalleled experience in the AV domain. 

Team Expansion: Meeting the Growing Demand 

As part of Quince Imaging’s vision to stay at the forefront of immersive visual technologies consistently, we’re thrilled to reveal our recent key hires: Larry Howard, Lauren Roth, and Ron Birkla. These industry-leading experts mark our dedication to enhancing capabilities and meeting the skyrocketing demand in emerging markets. 

Redefining Architectural Vision 

Countless clients have voiced their concerns about architects and consultants who, in the past, had a myopic vision, focusing on short-term goals and neglecting to educate them on emerging technology. Such practices lead to fragmented systems, designed by multiple consultants and integrated by different teams. This inevitably creates “scope gaps” resulting in escalating costs and complexities. At QI we start by defining the big picture.

The Quince Imaging Solution to Transportation

Our revamped approach guarantees a unified audio-visual solution that integrates seamlessly with operations systems. This not only reduces long-term operational hassles but also ensures the design aligns with our clients’ expansive visions. Targeting owners, architects, consultants, and specifically focusing on sectors like airports, mass transit, cruise ships and terminals, our mission is to create an immersive environment that improves operations and passenger experience through AV. These engaging systems not only provide critical information for travelers, but can artistically encapsulate the spirit of each city while serving as a revenue stream for our customers.

Ron Birkla: The Man Behind the Vision 

Ron’s illustrious career spans designing and managing multimillion-dollar integrations globally. His recent endeavors include managing the AV engineering teams for renowned airports like JFK (New York), CMH (Columbus), ALB (New York), PHL (Philadelphia), and MKAA (Knoxville). His groundbreaking work has been spotlighted in SCN’s “Building a Better Airport”, underscoring the potential of AV in reshaping the Passenger Experience in transportation.

Birkla’s Strategy for Quince’s New Division

Countless clients have expressed their frustrations with previous consultants. Their short-sightedness not only hampers the clients’ expansive vision but also escalates operational costs and complexities. Our strategy is simple: revolutionize the design process, ensuring each project resonates with the client’s short and long-term goals, remarks Birkla

Ron Birkla on Joining Quince Imaging 

I am honored to be invited to join Quince Imaging as Director of this new division. Quince’s 26 years of designing and integrating massive display installations, complete with the creative digital and interactive content, makes them the ideal house to launch a division that is focused on AV in mission critical facilities and improving the passenger experience. Headquartered in the Washington, D.C. metro area, Quince imaging’s Sterling VA facility will be home to our new team. Complete with a large black box space and fully functional NOC/SOC, this facility gives us the opportunity to do things no other consultant or integrator can do to build and demonstrate full scale mockups that show off the future of AV in transportation and operations centers for our clients.” 

Eric Gazzillo, VP of Quince Imaging, Shared His Enthusiasm

“The Quince team is excited about contributing to the expanding market. Transportation and critical infrastructure are at the forefront of some of the planet’s most engaging & bespoke LED and projection installations. The synergy between Birkla’s expertise and Quince’s state-of-the-art technology signals a transformative era for our organization.” 

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