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It is our mission to bring our clients’ visions to life. Bending reality beyond its limitations, we assist our clients in providing their audiences with an unprecedented “wow” factor for an unforgettable live event. We guide our clients through consultation and conceptualization to implement a comprehensive strategy sure to captivate audiences across in-person, virtual and hybrid platforms.  We aim to demystify the expanding realm of futuristic Augmented Reality technologies, including AR, XR, and real-time systems.

"We don’t like to play it safe when it comes to technology, we like to lead by taking healthy risks. No one ever thought they would see 3D image projection on the basketball court. No one expected mixed reality in the stadium."

Scott Williams, Co-Founder & COO
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Our Solutions
  • Turnkey AR & XR Packages
  • Camera Tracking & Object Tracking
  • Design Services & Consulting
  • Real-Time Rendering
  • Broadcast Camera Systems
Our Approach

Our innovative technical approach is designed to offer turnkey solutions for Augmented Reality and Extended Reality deployment. Integrating camera tracking, object tracking, real-time rendering, design technology, and advanced broadcast methodology creates a seamless workflow, which results in a larger-than-life viewing experience for our clients’ live audiences.


Mixed reality, which is an advanced blend of augmented reality, makes it possible for virtual images to truly interact within the physical environment.

During the live production, LED boards in the stadium created the illusion that the raven was circling the stadium, standing on the field, or perched on the goal post as the team scored.  Each of the raven’s interactions was fluid with the live action of the game and each of the raven’s positions was directed in real time throughout the game. Having these tools allowed the Raven’s broadcast team, Ravens Productions, to use the raven as an instrument for generating pre-game hype, while heightening anticipation during captivating in-game feats, such as touchdowns, and defensive third downs.  At one critical moment, the raven was ominously perched on the goal post, virtually defending the Ravens end-zone on third-down plays.

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Happy trails, reality!

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