Systems Integration

Specializing in Projection Mapping, Broadcast Video, LED Displays, and Digital Signage

Systems Integration

At Quince Imaging, we provide expert systems integration consulting and professional engineering solutions for projection mapping, broadcast video systems, LED displays, and digital signage. Our imaging technology is utilized in professional sports venues, arenas, convention centers, themed amusement parks, airports, and cruise terminals.

"I can’t think of a better partner for this project than Quince Imaging. The video systems integration wasn’t just about technology – which was staggering in itself – but the ability to work with different partners, demanding stakeholders and the idiosyncrasies of an historic structure, coupled with the ability to course correct in real time, made them superstars on this project."

Cathy Arevian, CEO, The Bridge Group
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Our Approach

We install, maintain and support Projection Mapping, LED Display, Broadcast, and Control Technology across professional sports arenas, retail activations, and themed entertainment venues.

Our full-service approach and stellar client relationships have generated opportunities to deploy some of the most sophisticated, integrated video imaging systems in many of the most prestigious venues in the world.


Quince Imaging was hired to design a projection mapping solution for the New York Islanders at UBS Arena. Our goal was to implement the best and brightest system in the League, create a top-notch fan experience, and seamlessly integrate with all other advanced technologies in the arena.



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