Projection Mapping Systems Maintenance

Quince Cares Projection Mapping Systems Maintenance and Repairs Support Program


Quince Imaging offers its customers professional maintenance and repair services for 3D projection mapping systems, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. As a powerful tool for creating immersive experiences at live events in arenas and stadiums, projection mapping systems require regular maintenance to prevent unexpected issues and extend their service life. Our team of experts will keep your projectors and media servers running smoothly, providing the best possible experience for your fans and eliminating the worry of your system not performing.

The Quince Cares Support Program Includes:

  • Routine care
  • Remote monitoring
  • Technology updates
  • Scheduled maintenance visits
  • System Calibration
  • Emergency onsite response services
  • Manufactures warranties


  1. Image distortion: This is a common issue with projection mapping systems and can be caused by various factors, including lens misalignment or damage, incorrect projector settings, or image-warping software errors. The system may need to be recalibrated or the lens may need to be realigned to fix this issue.
  2. Overheating: Overheating can cause several issues with a projection mapping system, including image distortion, flickering, and even system failure. To fix this issue, the system may need to be cleaned to remove dust and debris that can block airflow or the cooling system may need to be repaired or replaced.
  3. Lamp failure: Projector lamps have a limited lifespan and must be replaced periodically. This is a relatively simple repair usually done by a technician or the user, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Dead pixels: Dead pixels on the projector’s display can be caused by damage to the projector or its components. Sometimes, dead pixels can be repaired by recalibrating the projector or replacing its parts.
  5. Power supply issues: Power supply problems can cause the projector to fail to turn on or to shut down unexpectedly. The power supply may need to be replaced or repaired to fix this issue.


  1. Compatibility issues: Media servers and projection mapping software must be compatible to function correctly. A mismatch between the media server and software can cause problems, including distorted images or black screens.
  2. Performance issues: A media server may not be able to handle the load required for complex projection mapping shows. This can lead to lag or freezing, negatively impacting the audience experience.
  3. Output resolution issues: If the media server is not configured to output at the correct resolution, the projection mapping display may not be apparent or fit the projection surface correctly.
  4. Content playback issues: During the projection mapping show, media servers are responsible for content playback, including videos and images. If there are issues with playback, such as missing or corrupted files, this can cause the display to fail.
  5. Network configuration issues: Media servers rely on a network connection to communicate with the projection mapping software and control devices. If the network configuration is not set up correctly, this can cause issues with communication and control.
  6. System integration issues: Projection mapping systems are complex and involve multiple components, including media servers, projection equipment, and control systems. If the media server is not correctly integrated into the overall design, this can cause issues with synchronization and control.
  7. Hardware issues: If the media server hardware is not functioning correctly, this can cause problems with the projection mapping system. Hardware issues may include faulty components, overheating, or damage.
  • Projection Mapping Systems Maintenance
  • Image Projection Mapping Systems Repairs
  • 3D Projection Mapping Technology Upgrades
Our Solutions
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Routine Care
  • Remote Monitoring
  • System Updates
  • Manufacturer Warranties
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Don’t let a malfunctioning projection mapping system ruin your event. We are dedicated to servicing your equipment to prevent failure and ensure the best fan experience.

Dedicated Hotline: A toll-free number that is monitored 24/7/365. The phone number below offers priority access to Quince Imaging’s dispatch service. An on-duty staff member is always available to answer client calls, provide Help Desk support, and coordinate the appropriate response to your issue.

Remote Manager: Quince Imaging’s Remote Manager monitors installed systems continually through a network connection with our headquarters. With the proper hardware and software licenses in place, Remote Manager enables the Quince Imaging Support Team to diagnose, reboot, or reconfigure faulty components quickly in a secure and non-intrusive manner. Quite often, this averts the need for an extra on-site service visit.

System Wellness Checks: Annually scheduled on-site inspection and maintenance ensures that all components perform as expected. Maintenance includes hardware system checks, projector consumables such as coolant and filters, and rack and computer equipment de-dusting. One annual maintenance visit scheduled at your convenience is included in the Quince Cares Support Program.

Advance Display Calibration: Scheduled onsite recalibration of the display system enables the best possible performance of your hardware over the long term. Display calibration includes physical and digital adjustments and other technical assessments.

Advance Media Server Calibration: Scheduled onsite maintenance of media servers and playback infrastructure will ensure that the core components responsible for content playback perform optimally.

Ticket System: Quince Imaging uses a Support Ticketing System. This system logs all communications by recording the status of issues from the time they are submitted through their resolution. With the ticketing system, we can manage issues based on urgency and get problems sent to the best person to resolve them. Our team receives a notification when tickets are submitted so the first available person can tend to you. The system then lets the rest of the team know that your problem is being resolved.

Emergency Onsite Response Service: When needed, emergency response on nights, weekends, and holidays. Each annual contract cycle covers one on-site emergency response; other emergencies per year will incur travel and labor expense. Warranty repairs will not incur labor charges. Nonetheless, they will incur reimbursable related travel expenses. Onsite visits for non-warranty repairs will incur labor charges and reimbursable related travel expenses.

Quince Cares Maintenance Program



Professional projection mapping system maintenance and repair services can help arenas and stadiums maximize the service life of their system, improve the fan experience, and save money in the long run. By investing in a comprehensive maintenance plan that includes routine care, remote monitoring, scheduled maintenance visits, calibration, and onsite emergency response, arenas and stadiums facilities and marketing teams can ensure they get the most out of their projection mapping system and create unforgettable moments for their fans.


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