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Quince Imaging is an innovative experiential display and design firm headquartered in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Integrating a unique combination of creativity, technical process management, and unmatched expertise in specialty imaging development, Quince Imaging has a reputation for providing technologically innovative, awe-inspiring immersive solutions for live and virtual audiences worldwide.

Quince Imaging’s loyal client base spans a diverse spectrum of markets, including professional and collegiate sports and Esports teams and venues, corporate, labor unions and associations, and global outreach organizations. Quince Imaging specializes in live event imaging production, creative development, including 3D and holographic visual effects, and permanent imaging system design and installation.



Create positive energy through professionalism, dignity and respect.



Make sure the customer gets his money’s worth and more.


Accountability, trust and ethical customer and team interactions are fundamental components.


Personal growth and technical innovation are worthy of time, attention and commitment.



Anticipate needs, and plan for them.  Good enough.. isn’t.


Participation with ease and enjoyment in our daily tasks enriches the work-lives of all.

“We tend to be a cache of nerds…”

– Scott Williams

Fearless Leaders

leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

Scott Williams

Scott Williams

COO, CFO, Co-Founder

Scott has over thirty-five years of experience as a display designer, video engineer, projection engineer, technical director and producer in the broadcast television, live events and special corporate events industries. He has worked extensively with large events and meetings such as the Olympics, the NBA, Anheuser Busch and Discovery as well as religious and local production entities. In addition, Scott has worked with many corporate clients, advertising agencies and state and federal governments. In 2016, Scott was named to the Most Innovative Event Professionals List by BIZBASH.

Ron Currier

Ron Currier

President, Co-Founder

Ron got his start in the industry serving as a non-commissioned officer in the United States Air Force. Some of his early projects (as a projectionist) were Muhammad Ali prize fights, medical television programs such as Dr. Debakey’s open-heart surgery in the 1960s, and the introduction of Breakfast at McDonald’s in 1972. Following his discharge from the Air Force, Ron helped develop projects as diverse as Papal Coronation Ceremonies, World Cup Soccer events, and US Presidential Inaugural Galas. After 12 years in New York, Ron relocated to Dallas, TX where he founded Currier Imaging.

Fonda Noel

Fonda Noel

Vice President

Fonda Noel oversees the team’s admin, bookkeeping, accounting, human resources and information technology departments. She was the first full-time Quince Imaging employee, serving in various roles since 1999, and has been instrumental in sculpting each role she has served in and now manages.
In addition to her significant contributions in molding Quince’s corporate infrastructure over the past 20 years, Fonda has notably made her mark on Quince culture as well, including continually advocating for a progressive work environment, one of the cornerstones Quince Imaging’s mission.

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