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Celebrating 27 Years of Innovation


Quince Imaging’s mission is to deliver compelling imaging to live audiences worldwide.


Founded in 1997 by Ron Currier, Scott Williams and Adrian Gautchsi, Quince Imaging has evolved from humble beginnings as a live-event projection display company, into an experiential display and design powerhouse.

First to deploy video displays for television backdrops. First to activate a high-definition large-screen display to a live, viewing audience. First to activate video display on a ‘human’ screen. First to provide a 10,000+ Lumen Video Display to a live audience.

While artists found ways to push the limits of slide projectors, the introduction in the 1990s of bright, computer-driven commercial projectors was a big moment for the art form. More brightness led to greater possibilities, and ideas constrained by limited light started to get switched on. Computer graphics then sped production and made full-motion video and graphics possible without film.



By the mid-to-late 1990s, corporations started working with staging and event companies to use projection as the powerful, over-scaled backdrop for presentations to investors, customers and the press.


New Evolution

As the equipment became brighter, portable and more rugged, mapping outdoor structures evolved beyond simply projecting onto large buildings as screens.


Growing Storylines

Projection tools and technology are steadily getting better, and more visual artists are finding their way to this medium, intrigued by all the possibilities


Creative Services Team is born!

As the sports projection craze took off, so did the need for dynamic 3D content. Quince Imaging begins recruiting exceptional new talent.


First Permanent Install

Quince Imaging is selected by the Philadelphia 76ers, Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks to design, install and maintain the league’s first permanent court-projection systems.


Real-time Interaction

The First Discrete Motion Tracking System was installed to enhance Sports Projection Image Mapping Systems.


Quince in the NHL

First Permanent Sports Projection Image Mapping System installed for the NHL.


Published by 2K Sports

Quince Imaging designed the 3D digital court projections for all 30 NBA teams for NBA 2K17


Two Decades of Success

Quince Imaging celebrated 20 years of success and dedication in world-class imaging display and design!


Another First - University Installs

First Permanent Sports Projection Image Mapping System was installed in a University Arena for the University of Florida Gators.


A New Space

Quince Imaging relocates to spacious, new corporate headquarters at 22601 Davis Drive in Sterling, VA.


25 Year Anniversary

February 7, 2022 marks the 25th anniversary for Quince Imaging.

Our All-Star Team

"At Quince, we live by the rule ‘always give clients more than they expect to get.’ The best sign of customer satisfaction is watching our clients hit the ground running once our work is complete. Our primary goal has always been to build trusting and enduring relationships with our clients; they know they can rely on us because we are in it for the long haul."

Scott Williams, COO & Co-Founder
Scott Williams CEO Quince Imaging

Scott Williams


Scott has over thirty-five years of experience as a display designer, video engineer, projection engineer, technical director and producer in the broadcast television, live events and special corporate events industries.

Ron Currier Quince Imaging Founder Web

Ron Currier


Ron got his start in the industry serving as a non-commissioned officer in the United States Air Force. Some of his early projects (as a projectionist) were Muhammad Ali prize fights,


Fonda Noel


Fonda Noel oversees the team’s admin, bookkeeping, accounting, human resources information technology departments and has been serving in various roles since 1999.

Eric Gazzillo

Vice President of Innovation

Barbara McCort

Vice President Business Operations

Larry Howard

Vice President Business Development


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