Corporate Sustainability Program

Eco-Friendly Practices

Quince Imaging is dedicated to sustainability, integrating eco-friendly practices across all operations. In 2016, we redesigned our headquarters with recycled materials, non-toxic paints, and energy-efficient lights. We cut waste with recycling programs and digital records. Our preventive maintenance keeps equipment running longer. We invest in green technologies and plan logistics to ensure efficient transport. Our commitment to sustainability reduces our ecological footprint and drives innovation.

"Sustainability is our responsibility and a driver of innovation."

Scott Williams, Founder

Our Environmental Commitment

Quince Imaging employs 50 full-time employees, working from our Headquarters in Sterling, VA and remotely across the country. Our creative staff consists of designers, animators and editors to create captivating content. Our live production staff consists of producers, video engineers, and technical directors.  The administration and operations staff continuously interface with all departments to assure smooth consistent delivery of our services and sustainability practices.

Quince Imaging’s headquarters was redesigned in 2016 with sustainability in mind. Outdated technology was replaced with environmentally minded materials and fixtures. Existing fixtures and doors were repurposed to be included in the redesign of the office space. The installation of carpet tiles allows replacement or repair of smaller areas of flooring in the event of damage or wear and tear. Interior building materials include composite concrete panels made of recycled and renewable sources and non-toxic paint and materials. LED lighting offering high lumen outputs with lower energy consumption creating little to no heat was chosen to replace outdated lighting fixtures. Each office has been fitted with an occupancy sensor in order to only use energy when lighting is necessary.

The office recycles paper and plastic, maintains kitchen areas with silverware, glassware, plates that are cleaned daily. The use of single-use food containers and cutlery is discouraged and avoided when possible. Electronic filing and records are kept minimizing hardcopy paper records. Annual rotation of expired hard copy records and shredded and recycled through a secure third-party service provider.


Sustainable Imaging Equipment

The ownership of our specialty imaging equipment ensures its reliability and quality through our diligent and proactive maintenance program. This maintenance program allows for a longer life on the equipment, thus limiting the purchase of replacement equipment. Our new equipment investments include environmentally friendly projection technology that uses less energy and eliminates heavy metals and gases that can contribute to environmental decay.

Logistics and transportation of equipment and personnel are carefully considered factors in day-to-day operations. Quince Imaging does its best to assure that the best method of transportation is chose for each project and we will partner with other vendors to keep the environmental impact of equipment transportation at a minimum.

Quince Imaging believes the main success of our sustainability is the mutual embrace of the company’s core values.


  • Respect for All People
  • Exceed Expectations
  • Integrity
  • Evolution
  • Preparedness
  • Team Play, Collaboration, + Whimsy


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