Horatio Alger Awards

Horatio Alger Awards

Elegance & Inspiration: Quince Imaging’s Immersive Transformation at the Horatio Alger Awards

2023 Horatio Alger Awards: A Night of Honoring Excellence

Quince Imaging, a leader in live event production and broadcast solutions, skillfully brought the prestigious Horatio Alger Awards to life at DAR Constitution Hall. Our expertise in crafting immersive environments was matched with cutting-edge live broadcast technology, offering seamless solutions that celebrate achievements and share these inspiring stories with a global audience. This event underscored our commitment to delivering excellence in venue transformation and live broadcast video production, ensuring every moment of greatness was accessible to viewers everywhere.

Our collaboration for the Horatio Alger Association Awards was a synergy of creativity and technical precision. Quince Imaging led the charge, providing the production expertise and video technology to execute a flawless 6-camera shoot utilizing our advanced Ross flypacks. This setup enabled us to capture the essence and emotion of the ceremony, ensuring that every pivotal moment was showcased with clarity. 

The annual gala, celebrated for presenting the prestigious Horatio Alger Award, recognizes remarkable individuals who have overcome significant challenges to achieve personal and professional success. Our role was to ensure that the environment matched the stature of the honorees, transforming DAR Constitution Hall into a venue that reflected the prestige of the awards and the extraordinary stories of the recipients. 

Through our collaboration with TODO Productions, Pete’s Big TVs, and Design Foundry®, we produced a setting that served the event’s needs and elevated the guest experience. Our collective efforts resulted in a night of elegance, achievement, and inspiration, perfectly capturing the spirit of the Horatio Alger Award and the vision and determination of its honorees to achieve a better future. Quince Imaging is honored to have contributed to such a significant event, showcasing our commitment to excellence in live event production and our capability to bring visionary events to life.