The Phillie Phanatic Saves the 4th

Quince Imaging partners with the Philadelphia Phillies to provide an unforgettable projection mapping experience during the Phillie Phantic Saves the 4th Independence Weekend Celebration.

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Client Story

The Phillie Phanatic Saves the 4th

As the birthplace of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the Fourth of July is Philadelphia’s hometown holiday. Last summer, the city’s beloved Major League Baseball team, the Philadelphia Phillies, wanted to put their stamp on the holiday with a celebration as iconic as America’s favorite pastime. Impressed with the reaction received from fans following the dazzling projection show at the Las Vegas Golden Knights’ season-opener against the NHL’s Seattle Kraken in October of 2021 produced by Quince Imaging, Phillies’ Marketing Events & Special Projects Director James Trout contacted Quince in the spring to make its annual fireworks event bigger and better with a jaw-dropping projection experience on the field before the fireworks at Citizens Bank Park.


Playing before a sellout crowd of 44,225 fans, The Phillie Phanatic Saves the 4th featured one of the most popular mascots in sports in an action-packed adventure to save the first bat in America.

The 10-minute production led to a 3D projection light show showcasing stirring patriotic images and celebrated local landmarks on the infield before the annual fireworks show began. It culminated months of hard work to provide fans with a unique pre-game experience.

Along with creating memories of a lifetime for those in attendance, the production resulted in the Phillies becoming the first MLB team to utilize projection mapping for a regular season game.



Quince Imaging provided a complete creative package that included design, installation, content, and production services, with an 11-person crew working at Citizens Bank Park from June 25-July 5, 2022, to assemble the show. Onsite production and logistics coordination included structures, power, video equipment, and facility interfacing. The project had two main requirements: to design and sync with the lead-in video produced by the Phillies and to work directly with Pyrotechnico to tie in Quince’s final projection with the start of the fireworks show.

The Projection Mapping Technology Package Included:

  • 12 Christie Boxer 4k30 projectors
  • 2 disguise vx4pro media servers
  • software ranging from Cinema 4-D to Mapping Matter by Disguise

The Phillies baseball schedule was busy leading up to the event, giving the production team a limited timeline for rehearsal and set up for a large-scale project that required perfect execution. Logistics during load-in and set-up posed a challenge. They needed careful coordination to maintain stadium operations leading up to the event, with several Phillies home games taking place during this time. However, the clear storyline provided by the Phillies marketing team helped Quince Imaging utilize its technology in the most advanced way possible to execute a flawless experience.


Quince Imaging is proud to have contributed to an unforgettable fan experience that honored our country and provided a shared moment for fans and their families to cherish. The Phillies’ projection mapping installation during their MLB World Series run was a stunning addition that captured the attention of fans and created a lasting impact. We are grateful to have applied our expertise and creativity to help make this remarkable event successful. Being integral to such a significant moment in sports history is truly meaningful.

The Philadelphia Phillies
Citizen’s Bank Park
Cinema 4-D
It’s a feeling that I want to bottle up forever and never let go,” Phillies’ Video Content Manager Mike Licisyn said. “The fans were so engaged in every aspect of it. The fans were laughing and cheering, and then when the Phanatic arrived, the entire stadium erupted. It was incredible.

Mike Licisyn, Phillies’ Video Content Manager