Quince Leads Creative Direction for the 2023 Attractions Technology Lab

Quince Imaging Takes the Helm as Creative Director for November's Attractions Technology Lab

The Attractions Technology Lab Event Orlando

The Attractions Technology Lab Event, scheduled for November 10-17 in Orlando Florida, is gearing up to be an unparalleled showcase of innovation and creativity. We are delighted to announce that Quince Imaging will be at the forefront as the Creative Director for this highly anticipated event, supported by a growing list of partners.

Quince Imaging: Pioneering Creativity and Innovation

Quince Imaging, renowned for pushing the boundaries of multimedia and experiential design, is set to take the Attractions Technology Lab Event to new heights. Their creative vision and technological prowess promise to deliver an immersive and unforgettable experience for all attendees.

“Quince Imaging’s involvement is a game-changer,” said Loren Barrows, spokesperson for the Attractions Technology Collaborative. “Their track record of blending technology and artistry aligns perfectly with our mission, and their ability to capture the essence of our event’s vision and translate it into immersive experiences is simply outstanding.”

Attractions Technology Collaborative: A Synergy of Innovators

The Founding Partners of the Attractions Technology Collaborative (ATC), including Alcorn McBride Inc., Christie Digital, Garner Holt Productions, and Weigl Control, believed in a better way to showcase technology beyond the traditional trade show experience through collaboration. The Attractions Technology Lab is a playground for manufacturers and service providers to work closely with their technologies in an environment that replicates their collective clients’ applications. The result is tighter integration and an immersive demonstration of the collective capabilities. The November event is a testament to this collaboration, with over 20 participating companies.

Two of these participating companies, 4Wall Entertainment and IA Stage, have been involved since the first event in 2021. 4Wall Entertainment has consistently supported every Lab, bringing their unmatched technical direction and extensive experience to the partners. With the growth in the number of ATC members, 4Wall Entertainment has taken on an expanded role for the upcoming show. They are responsible for ensuring the seamless execution of all technical aspects of the event.

“4Wall Entertainment’s technical competence and dedication to excellence make them the perfect fit for this role,” said Loren Barrows. “Their ability to coordinate the unique technical needs of our Labs and Partners is critical to the success of our event, and they deliver every time.”

IA Stage, another ATC partner since inception, provides all of the drapery and rigging for the Attractions Technology Lab. “Innovation is critical to every aspect of an attraction,” notes Loren Barrows. “IA Stage has every product we need to create the infrastructure for our Labs, and the innovation they bring lies in their ability to make it all invisible to guests.”

The Attractions Technology Lab Event promises to be an extraordinary gathering of industry professionals, innovators, and technology enthusiasts. With Quince Imaging at the helm and support from industry greats, attendees can anticipate a one-of-a-kind experience that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in themed entertainment.

For more information about the event please visit https://attractionstechnology.com/

About the Attractions Technology Collaborative

The Attractions Technology Collaborative is a consortium of leading companies in the attractions and entertainment industry. Committed to advancing technology and innovation within the industry, the collaborative fosters creativity, collaboration, and excellence in themed entertainment.

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