Transforming the Mizzou Tigers Basketball Games with 3D Projection Mapping

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Client Story

The University of Missouri – Mizzou Athletics

We’re proud to present our latest arena enhancement project for Mizzou Athletics, where we’ve transformed their basketball games into a spectacular visual experience with advanced 3D projection mapping systems. This project represents our commitment to innovation and expertise in engaging live event experiences for pro and college sports.

The University of Missouri (Mizzou) sought to revolutionize the visual experience of its 2023 basketball games. They wanted to create an immersive and dynamic environment to elevate the game-day experience for students, faculty, alums, and players alike. 

Using a powerful combination of four Christie Digital Griffyn 4K35-RGB laser projectors, AV Stumpfl PIXERA media servers, CUE Light Show integration, and Quince’s original 3D content created an unforgettable debut experience on November 6th, 2023.



This project showcases the ongoing collaboration between Quince Imaging, Christie, and AV Stumpfl, leveraging the robust PIXERA media server system for effective projection mapping. The system is designed for seamless integration and supports permanent installations with easy future upgrades. Quince Imaging worked closely with the university as a sole source provider to enhance its systems and create engaging content without needing additional parties. Christie’s RGB laser projection technology plays a crucial role, adding an exceptional depth of color to make court projection effects more vibrant and impactful.

The turnkey package developed by Quince Imaging ensured that Mizzou had a sole source provider for all their projection mapping needs, creating a seamless and integrated experience.

Turnkey 3D Projection Package Included: 

  • Four Christie Digital Griffyn 4K35-RGB laser projectors. 
  • AV Stumpfl PIXERA media servers. 
  • CUE Light Show integrations. 
  • Ongoing creative and technical services. 

Quince strongly advocates for comprehensive turnkey solutions in projection mapping systems, serving the public and private sectors. By offering an all-in-one solution that combines state-of-the-art projection technology, expert integration services, and captivating 3D content, Quince provides a streamlined experience for teams. This approach ensures the delivery of uniquely integrated and engaging shows for their audiences. 


At Quince Imaging, we focus on offering complete, ready-to-use solutions for projection mapping systems for professional and collegiate sports teams. Our project for Mizzou Athletics was the fourth SEC school we had the honor to partner with and is a prime example of the growth of this technology in college athletics. We provide the technology and a complete package encompassing service and creative content. This holistic approach ensures a smooth and practical experience for our clients.

The University of Missouri
Mizzou Tigers Basketball
Big thanks on behalf of Mizzou Athletics. Well done!

David Bartlett, Director, Event Systems Engineering, Mizzou Athletics
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