Live Design International Recap – XLive Track: Enhance Live Experience with Cutting-Edge Hybrid Technology

Session covered virtual audiences, cloud-based technology, media servers, and graphics for virtual and hybrid events. Attendees also learned how hybrid technology increases live event revenue.

"“LDI is the catalyst that connects the entire entertainment design and technology community with manufacturers of state-of-the-art gear. [LDI2021 is a community] where the business does business, as live events return after a long intermission.”"

Live Design International

Takeaways from Eric Gazzillo’s session on Enhancing Live Experience with Hybrid Technology:

  1. Virtual Seat is the premier remote experience platform, designed to enhance broadcast and streaming of live events.
  2. Clients will monetize their Virtual Seat investment via individual ticket sales, sponsorship opportunities, VIP experiences, fan clubs, theme nights, merchandise sales, and “luxury suite” watch party packages.
  3. Corporate clients can utilize Virtual Seat to bring together large groups of remote employees in collaborative and engaging conferences and presentations with Q&A, polling, and break-out groups.
  4. Virtual Seat was born from the technology utilized for the Virtual NFL Draft. From there, it became the platform of choice for the WWE, and eventually became a trademarked product, branded and marketed by The Famous Group and Quince Imaging.
  5. Sophisticated technology and robust tools utilized to manufacture Virtual Seat included powerful cloud resources and remote production Scalable streams include 3D animation and real-time graphics with custom design and branding options.
  6. Live production needs tested, on-the-ground hardware.
  7. Remote production has made a lasting impression on live events. Examples:

Corporate Virtual Event – Cricket Wireless


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