Human Rights Campaign Partners with Quince Imaging for Their 2021 Virtual Event

Virtual Events continue to play a key role in live experiences in 2021 amidst Covid-19 variants

Human Rights Campaign, in partnership with Quince Imaging, launched the ‘2021 HRC in Action’ virtual event on October 28, 2021. Utilizing Quince Imaging’s Sterling VA broadcast studio, the collaboration consisted of a multi-camera studio shoot, which was recorded over the course of three days. The event, which created an interactive experience for hosts, guests, and the online viewing audience was well received amid the second wave of the Covid-19 variant. As trusted partners, Human Rights Campaign and Quince Imaging were able to string together a larger-than-life experience, having worked together on three virtual events over the course of the past two years.

Danni Crosby Magdon, Senior Event Producer at Quince Imaging, stated, “The focus of the event was to highlight the Human Rights Campaign’s work over the past year, and to share where the organization plans to steer the upcoming trajectory. The national online event celebrated the impact of the Human Rights Campaign’s members and supporters, and their diligent efforts to bring about positive change for the LBGTQIA+ community.”

Creative direction in the studio was focused on creating a true-to-life look and feel. HRC wanted virtual guests to experience the event as though they were in the room. The studio set consisted of a curved 2.9mm LED wall, 11.5′ high x 52.5′ wide, an array of monitors for speaker support, and a producer station outfitted for instant feedback and direction. In total, the execution involved a 3-camera shoot, including a jib, in concert with dynamic graphic treatments.

The broadcast industry has become a crowded market in the era of virtual events, so it was imperative that Quince Imaging brought together the right tools to elevate event capabilities and provide clients with a second-to-none solution. Equipped to seamlessly integrate across all media platforms, Quince Imaging engineered a multi-tiered broadcast solution that incorporated elements of virtual event production, graphic design, technical innovation, and audience engagement. The result, an authentic experience that transcended geographical barriers and time zones, unifying the audience towards the mission of the Human Rights Campaign for the year to come.

“Our partners at Quince took the time to understand what we were trying to accomplish, and their expertise helped deliver an impactful event.  They were true creative partners and helped ensure that the look and feel of the event met our expectations. “ Mollie Levin, Director of Events, Human Rights Campaign.

Pulling the entire show together required assistance from Quince Imaging’s trusted allies at Atmosphere Lighting, Maryland Sound Intl, Hargrove, Mantra Communications, and, of course, the Human Rights Campaign.



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