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Employee Spotlight June 2021

Pablo De-Negri recognized for Quince Core Value of Collaboration

"I consider myself a problem solver. When it comes to providing technical solutions, I pride myself on identifying the problem, taking the problem apart, evaluating it from both the technical and end user’s perspectives, and designing a custom solution from there. "

Pablo De-Negri, System Technical Director


Q: Quince’s core values have helped define our business and keep our team focused and successful. Thank you for all your hard work, and congrats on being recognized for embodying Quince’s core value of Collaboration! We define collaboration as, Reliability, Mission-driven thinking, Teamwork, Collaboration and cooperation. You’ve been working as a Technical Director with Quince since early 2006. Can you share an example of one of your favorite projects, and how collaboration won the day?

A: Hands down, my favorite project was the Yahoo Time Capsule of 2006 – a digital art project. The project involved collecting a series of images and projecting them in video format onto the pyramids of Mexico City. There were some logistical issues and the gig got cancelled. We weren’t ready to throw in the towel yet though, and we researched to find other sites where we might be able to shoot. We found about 10 different locations, but ended up settling on Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico in the end. We scheduled a meeting with tribal council, had gear delivered, and got the location prepped in an extremely short turnaround time. Since the location was a field in front of red cliffs, we couldn’t use scaffolding, and had to put up tents after finally receiving confirmation. We used miles of feeder cable to get perspective for 80×50 images. I’d say quick whit, and thinking on our toes made the project successful. We used off-road, 4-wheel, microwave transmissions, satellite trucks with primary transmission, and a wide-shot camera about 2 miles out. We literally shot a laser out to space, including 100 MB of images. It was an exceptional display, and wouldn’t have been possible without collaboration from our quick-thinking team.

Q: You’re technically one of Quince’s most senior employees for installations. What has kept you around for so long?

A: Quince is incredibly well positioned to attract top talent. We are niche company with a great amount of skill. It’s the reason I’m here. I’d always been an independent contractor, but Quince got me to stay full-time. Client projects posed enough challenge to keep me interested for the long haul; and the collaboration and team work have always been top notch.

Q: Which skills have supported you and contributed to your greatest strengths at Quince?

A: When it comes down to it – TV, radio, production, and experience from all different sides of the industry have helped pave the way throughout my career. Production, integration and installation experience help connect all the dots in my role with Quince. I’ve successfully led large-scale integrations with crews as large as 20+. I’d describe my work ethic as a head-down worker bee. I do my best to lead by example and share as much knowledge with my team as possible.

"Pablo is a walking, talking encyclopedia of technical details, project status and network of resources. To say that projects wouldn’t go as well without him is a massive understatement. Most importantly, he is willing and able to share that knowledge with the team, whether it is in a meeting setting, onboarding new team members, or working in collaboration to ensure that the correct solutions are being brought to the surface, Pablo is a team player and a technical captain."

Erik Morris, Project Manager

Career Highlights

1988 World Tour

Human Rights with Amnesty International

1993 – I & P Productions

Smashing Pumpkins, Tracy Chapman


AV, Broadcast, and Signage


Yahoo Time Capsule


Arena Projection Mapping Installations for NBA and NHL

"If I only had a word for Pablo it would be TENACIOUS. If he thinks an opportunity to get something right might be missed, he will hunt the right information down and hunt the right person down and put them together. Pablo’s attention to detail keeps the Systems Integration department operating at high standards."

Dan Ribaudo, System Designer

Video Reel: Sports Projection System Installation


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