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Quince Debuts “Zelus”, new In-Game Stats Visualization Product for the NHL

Quince Imaging Debuts New Cutting-Edge NHL-Focused Projection Stats Technology, during Washington Capitals game at Capital One Arena

Zelus In-Game Stats Visualization Product

Quince Imaging is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary NHL-focused projection mapping stats product Zelus, designed to transform the way fans experience player and game data between periods. This exciting development kicks off with an exclusive partnership with the NHL, paving the way for a new era of in-game performance tracking.

With the power of data driving today’s sports landscape, Zelus technology is a cutting-edge product that brings the NHL’s real-time player statistics to life right the ice for fans, augmenting the field of play in a new and engaging way. Teams using the Zelus technology will be able to visualize live game statistics, including scoring, individual player and team stats, shots on goal, time of possession, and much more, all in a dynamic and visually captivating way.

Watch a video interview about the Zelus technology on SVG, click here.

Collaboration and Innovation

 This announcement represents a groundbreaking collaboration between Quince Imaging and the Washington Capitals. Together, these entities have joined forces to access the NHL’s real-time player and game data, once restricted to large media outlets, helping to reshape the landscape of live game experiences.  Quince’s longtime collaboration with the innovators at Monumental Sport Entertainment has been key to designing and testing the industry’s most cutting-edge solutions.

“This is a game-changing product allowing teams to access real-time data typically only available for larger broadcast media. With Zelus, we aim to provide a dynamic platform that delivers an immersive and informative experience for all teams, allowing fans to delve deeper into the action on the ice and teams a new revenue stream for sponsorship activations”, mentions, Eric Gazzillo, Vice President at Quince Imaging.

About Zelus Technology

The heart of this transformative product lies in the fusion of cutting-edge projection technology and real-time data visualization tools. This tool can immediately take data on a period-by-period basis, analyze and visualize not only statistics, but also map out the biggest shots, blocks and goals of a game, right on the ice. Quince Imaging’s projection specialists and designers have meticulously crafted a visually captivating platform that enhances the in-game experience through a team’s existing projection system. The integration of the NHL’s real-time player and game data adds depth and context to the statistics, making them come alive like never before.

Benefits & the Impact for NHL Teams

The impact of this product on the NHL’s in-game presentation is nothing short of revolutionary. Fans can expect a more engaging and informative experience that goes beyond traditional statistics. Key features of Zelus include:

  • Real-time visualization of live game statistics on the ice
  • Customizable branding to match each team’s unique identity
  • Seamless integration with existing projection systems
  • Potential for sponsorship opportunities with prominent brands

Matt Weyrich – Monumental Sports Network

Pretty cool new addition to the gameday experience at Cap One Arena: The Capitals projected a “shot report” on the ice during the second intermission showing where they took each of their shots last period.”

Alexa Ikeler, Washington Capitals:

“As an NHL-focused product, this collaboration with Quince Imaging opens up exciting possibilities for both fans and sponsors. We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this innovative endeavor.” We heard many positive reactions from fans when it went onto the ice. Overall, everyone thought it was awesome!”

Eric Gazzillo, Quince Imaging:

“We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of innovation in the NHL with this groundbreaking product,” said Eric Gazzillo, VP of Quince Imaging. “Our goal is to democratize data visualization, providing teams with the tools they need to engage their fans in new and exciting ways.”

Schedule a Demonstration

Quince Imaging’s new NHL-focused product Zelus is poised to change the way fans experience game stats during live hockey games. The Zelus product is available now league wide as a subscription, and the Washington Capitals will be among the first teams in the NHL to showcase it during their games.

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