INFOCOMM 2021 Insights

Erik Morris and Scott Williams share highlights from Infocomm 2021

Scott and I have been attending InfoComm 2021 and meeting with a wide variety of suppliers and manufacturers of displays, projectors, systems and integration hardware.

We’ve made some great connections with existing and new global suppliers of LED Wall and Processors, including a curved LED wall product that can stand up to the harshest of guest interactions.

We’ve learned more than we even knew to ask about fire rated floor box solutions!  Dual view and carbon fiber screen solutions that mitigate ambient light were some cool applications of screen and projection surface technology being shown off as well.

Panasonic’s Kairos control desk looks to be a very robust all-in-one video controller that can run a practically infinite amount of sources and displays through scenes, with multiple concurrent users  and integrate PTZ and security sources seamlessly.

Roaming/touring/multi-use solutions were popular under-the-radar demonstrations, including road cases that mitigate sound and heat very efficiently, cases that turn into adjustable and variable display mounting and orientation solutions.

The biggest item on the floor has to be the 110″ portrait LCD screens that are practically perfect for eye catching digital signage and display solutions and multi-screen distribution with latency so reduced you can’t tell even side to side which display receives main feed.

Stay tuned. More to come!

Erik Morris, Project Manager

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