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Unleashing the Potential of Light for live Event Producers: Understanding Foot-Candles, Lumens, and Lux for 3D Projection Mapping

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The Art of Illumination: Understanding Foot-Candles, Lumens, and Lux for Spectacular Image & Video Quality

Envision a brightly lit room, and every corner is radiant with light. Whether you’re an interior designer planning a well-lit space or a director of photography balancing light for the perfect shot, you comprehend the significance of understanding different light measurements. This is where the fascinating world of foot candles, lumens, and lux comes into focus. In this blog post, we will delve into these crucial aspects of light measurement, exploring their attributes and how they come together to define illumination in any given space. Join us as we shed light on foot-candles, lumens, and lux and their indispensable roles in creating perfectly lit

Lumens: Quantifying Light Output

Lumens measure the total amount of visible light emitted from a source. In the world of projection mapping, essentially this quantifies how much light the projector can produce. While this is often one of the most used metrics in projection, it can also be the most misleading. A lumen is a simple measurement, with no physical correlation to a screen. Using a 50,000-lumen projector on a 10’ screen would need sunglasses, while using the same projector to map a building façade may not be enough.

The Precision of Foot-Candles (lm/m2, LUX)

Foot candles serve as a unit of illuminance, quantifying the amount of light that falls on a given surface area and capturing the intricate relationship between light and space. By comprehending and effectively controlling foot candles, designers can craft spaces with precisely balanced lighting, encompassing ambient light, projection light, and entertainment lighting. This understanding empowers them to strategically design lighting schemes that optimize the visual experience by ensuring the appropriate distribution of light across desired surfaces. The ability to control foot-candles allows designers to orchestrate the lighting environment, thereby influencing the mood and ambiance of a space, whether it be for live events, performances, or immersive experiences. Ultimately, understanding the significance of foot candles unlocks the gateway to the captivating realm of lighting design, enabling the creation of visually stunning environments where light seamlessly interacts with its surroundings.

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The Foot-Lambert (cd/m2, NIT)

The tricky thing about light is, it almost never goes from the light source to the human eye. Once you begin to understand light as it travels from source to screen to destination, you realize a third unit is needed. In the world of projection mapping, when mapping a brick building for example, 30fc on a surface is immediately mitigated by the surface gain or reflectance of the building. A brick building may have a 33% reflectance, and thus only reflect 10 fL of the projected light. What’s great here is these starts to create a more event base to work. A LED screen NIT reading can be directly balanced against the foot-lamberts of a projection screen, and even entertainment lighting.  

The Proper Balance of light Is Key to Success

Entertainment and live experiences can operate across a wide array of lighting environments, from outdoor concerts to dark theaters, these metrics service as a valuable guide to creating an experience that’s not only the proper brightness for the audience, but also camera friendly for broadcast and social engagements the project may include. In the world of design, the eye is naturally drawn to contrast, and using these readings is the key to unlocking that power.  

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Ready to Enlighten Your Next Project?

We’re here to assist if you’re ready to dive deeper into the fascinating world of light measurements for your next project. Our team of experienced professionals is skilled in designing lighting solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Contact us at Quince Imaging to discuss how we can help bring your ideas to life. Remember, understanding light measurements isn’t just about science; it’s about leveraging that knowledge to create spaces that resonate emotionally with their inhabitants. Embrace the power of well-measured light and see your vision become reality. 

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