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Employee Spotlight April 2021

Tim Crnko recognized for achievements in virtual events innovation

Employee Spotlight
"In my role, success is achieved by keeping a cool head, taking preemptive measures to always stay two-steps ahead, and designing fail-safe plans to ensure seamless, uninterrupted broadcasts. "

Tim Crnko, Event Specialist/Technical Producer


Q: First off, congratulations for all your outstanding work, and being recognized as the inaugural Employee Spotlight for your contributions to innovation! Can you describe how your role has evolved since you joined the team in 2019?

A: Looking back, it’s been quite a whirlwind. I joined Quince about 6 months before Covid-19 turned the industry upside down. At that time, I was learning the ropes and traveling to show sites, but by spring of 2020, everything had changed. Instantly, the pandemic shifted the landscape of live events. With zero time to prepare, we were forced to switch gears. I’m really grateful to work with such a talented and diverse team. As we pivoted to virtual production, we rapidly adapted new technologies, and provided technical consulting to our clients.

Q: How were you able to help clients adapt to the shift from in-person to virtual events?

A: This is where my experience in television and sports broadcast came into play. Above all, I leveraged my background to bring a televised broadcast approach to virtual conferences. Creating a virtual medium where people can gather information, while being entertained, is pretty much the premise of broadcast television. Necessary adjustments were made by developing applications accessible to event organizers, attendees and participants. From there, we integrated individual applications into a single, seamless broadcast platform. It’s my job to make sure technical requirements are in place ahead of each unique broadcast event. I make technical decisions, manage the crew behind the scenes, and serve as technical producer – calling out cues that help direct the show.

Q: Sounds like you really have to think on your feet in this role – can you think of time that you had to devise a solution for a live broadcast on the fly?

A: Definitely. In my role, success is achieved by keeping a cool head, taking preemptive measures to always stay two-steps ahead, and designing fail-safe plans to ensure seamless, uninterrupted broadcasts. Since we’re relying on multiple, dependent technical applications to run the show, all it takes is one equipment malfunction to create a broadcasting glitch. During one project, the livestream stopped responding just before the live show was set to air. Together with my team, we had to work together to reverse engineer a solution to reconnect the livestream. It was unconventional, but it was successful, and that’s all that matters at the end of the day.



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Technical Producer of Virtual Events

In his own words…

Developing a passion for video production at a young age, I was blessed to be able to study and work on my craft at BGSU. The opportunities available to me (from student organizations and classes to working at WBGU-TV) allowed me to develop skills and work in professional broadcast environments throughout my studies.

Working in video production allows me to incorporate two of my favorite things: people and live events. I enjoy the fast-paced, thinking-on-your-toes environment that keeps me alert and challenges me to grow every day.

Above all else, I love working with people and being able to share their stories. Whether an educational conference, or exciting sporting event, video has the ability to capture a memorable experience as it’s unfolding. Delivering unforgettable experiences to live audiences is by far the most enjoyable part of what I do.

"Tim’s unique background in live, broadcast television, engineering, and technical event production, make him an extraordinary asset to our virtual events team. His commitments to collaboration and teamwork, and his dedication to innovation have made him a natural leader."

Jay Hutchison, Engineering Manager

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