Employee Spotlight February 2022

Sergio Hernandez recognized for Quince Core Value of Integrity

"I am motivated by the amazing team I get to work with, impressed by their skills and knowledge of the live events industry, and encouraged by their continual thirst for innovation. Growth and longevity at Quince Imaging and their increasing impact on the live events industry is also a major source of inspiration."

Sergio Hernandez, Systems Engineer

A Brief History

How He Got Here

As a University of Florida alum, Sergio first learned of Quince Imaging while working Gator Growl, UF’s annual homecoming event. One memorable year, he assisted with field projection for the halftime show, alongside Quince Imaging. After college, Sergio spent four years working in Orlando. Throughout the years, several friends and colleagues from the Gator Growl crew joined the team at Quince Imaging. By 2018, Sergio was offered an impressive opportunity with Quince and signed on.

His Proudest Contributions

Throughout his tenure with Quince Imaging, Sergio’s most rewarding projects have included:

  1. UBS Arena, because of the opportunity to see a brand-new arena being built from the ground up; in addition to playing an instrumental aspect in installing Quince Imaging’s brightest arena projection system.
  2. University of Florida is another inspirational project and gives him the opportunity to go back to where it all began at the O’Connell Center, UF alum home base.
  3. The implementation of Studio Q was another impressive moment for Quince Imaging’s broadcast department. At the beginning of the pandemic, as events transitioned from in-person to virtual, the team worked together to reconfigure the office into a versatile broadcast studio capable of hosting multiple events at the same time.

A Day In The Life

Sergio is a key figure in installation projects. He manages testing gear and building servers and racks. Another major responsibility includes traveling to all of Quince Imaging’s existing installations for yearly maintenance and assisting with the firm’s “Quince Cares” support program. As a video engineer, he supports Studio Q with all virtual events and ensures the efficacy of streaming to several multi-channel virtual platforms. Additionally, he provides significant support with designing video systems.

When He’s Not At Quince

“I try to spend as much time as possible with my lovely kids, Owen, Adelaide and Elliott, as well as my beautiful wife, Taylor. We split our time between lounging at home watching movies and exploring all that the DMV has to offer.”

Video Reel: Sports Projection System Installation


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