November 11, 2019 agrant

Driver/Warehouse Associate

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We are a well-established and growing video and projection company that provides specialty high end services for live events. You have seen us at Presidential Inaugural Events, the Academy Awards, DC Convention Center, Constitution Hall, National Building Museum and other venues and events.


Performs a variety of tasks relating to day-to-day warehouse operations and product transportation, including issue, receipt, delivery and control of Company assets. Duties include driving medium to heavy weight trucks short and medium distances to deliver our display and video equipment to customers in compliance with all Company safety policies and state and federal transportation regulations. Schedules range from week to week and can vary from 10% warehouse/90% driving to 95% warehouse/5% driving.


•Maintain professional representation of the Company in all interactions with customers and through responsible driving
•Assist in all outgoing and incoming products for accuracy in terms of size, amount and type
•Ensure all administrative paperwork concerning delivery orders required to move with shipments is available for inspection and that appropriate paperwork accompanies delivery
•Maintain records required for compliance with state and federal regulations, including driver’s logs, records of fuel purchases, mileage records and other records required by law and Company policy.
•Maintain small fleet of company owned vehicles to comply with general vehicle safety guidelines
•Abide by all Company safety policies
•Responsible for returning company equipment and gear to proper locations in the warehouse as well as assuring all items are properly labeled according to Company inventory standards
•Occasionally operate powered industrial vehicles (forklift, pallet jacks, order pickers, etc.)


•Must be 21 years of age
•Must possess valid driver license or such other proper license classification as required by the Department of Transportation in conjunction with vehicle weight
•DOT Medical Card
•Must have clean motor vehicle report and criminal report
•High School Diploma or GED
•Prior work experience sufficient to work under general supervision
•The Company, in its discretion, may find appropriate and acceptable alternatives to the above qualifications


•Ability to perform mathematical calculations and mental ability to handle receipts, read maps, road signs, maintain logs, etc.
•Possess working knowledge of vehicle safety and control systems
•Ability to apply knowledge of commercial driving and skills in maneuvering vehicle at varying speeds in difficult situations, such as heavy traffic, inclement weather or in tight loading areas
•Ability to carry out oral and written instructions•Ability to communicate orally and in writing
•Possess strong attention to detail
•Ability to establish and maintain professional and cooperative relationships with those contacted during the course of work
•Working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Word, MS Outlook, Windows, Excel. Inventory management software knowledge is a bonus.
•Must have good written and verbal communication, organizational skills and time management skills.
•The IDEAL candidate is self-motivated and can work productively with light supervision.
We offer competitive salary and benefits. The Company maintains a group health plan that covers all employees with healthcare, dental and vision coverage. A 401(k) plan is offered to all employees after six months of service. Vacation are accumulated based on tenure for each calendar year.

Pay is based on experience and qualifications.


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