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Projection System Options for University and Professional Arenas

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Quince Imaging has more than 20 years of experience providing state-of-the art imaging displays to live audiences.  Since our first court projection mapping demonstration for the Washington Wizards in 2011, we have worked continuously to refine our technique for providing a variety of court projection display options to professional basketball teams and university athletes alike.  Learn more about our approach, and the unique capabilities of each of our three systems below.


Our Approach


Our method of providing appealing visuals for live events has always been to first, design a robust and capable display; and second, to pair it with unique, high-quality content for an engaging and crowd-pleasing viewing experience.


Imaging Design


Quince Imaging’s projection system designs incorporate high-quality projection and playback technology to deliver results that ensure an optimal, 3D-viewing experience for fans in the arena. Our approach focuses heavily on the study of projection light and the way it reacts upon a variety of surfaces and substrates initially never optimized for imaging. For a vast array of applications, “theater dark” is not a realistic, ambient environment; therefore, the design requires a unique and thoughtful engineering approach.

In sports arenas, we utilize a custom-engineered system of high-end media servers and video routing systems to deliver virtual 4K (3610×1920) resolution across the entire court pixel space. The system supports timecode, Art-net, serial and other TCP-based control protocols. Flexible control protocols provide the ability for a fully integrated playback system, synchronized with the LED displays and even automated lighting. Media server technology allows pre-rendered 3D graphics to integrate on the fly with 2D video rolls, graphical elements, data integration and even live video feeds. This allows for flexible workflows, template-based design and quick integration of updated show content, such as highlight packages, as seen in the video below.

Silver System


Certain applications call for our most budget friendly system. Many colleges and universities fit this particular option, when ambient light is near theater-dark and the roof of the arena enables a specific projector throw distance. The Silver System (as installed at the University of Florida) includes a 1×4 full-raster video projection array, consisting of four 30,000-lumen 4k-resolution projectors, allowing ultra-high-definition video (4k) to be displayed across the entire playing surface. Designed to provide the minimum amount of necessary brightness (foot-candles), this layout approach enables good contrast ratio through theater-dark arena conditions.


Gold System


Another budget-conscious option, our Gold System is intended for use in environments where ambient light is less of a concern, this system encompasses a 2×2 edge-blended video projection array, consisting of eight 25,000-lumen projectors, allowing ultra-high-definition video (4k) displayed across the entire playing surface. Designed to provide a suitable amount of brightness (foot-candles), this layout approach enables good contrast ratio through darker arena conditions.


Platinum System


Most of the prominent, professional sports systems installed by Quince Imaging encompass a 2×2 edge-blended, video projection array, consisting of eight 30,000-lumen projectors, allowing ultra-high-definition video (4k) to display across the entire playing surface. Designed to provide the appropriate amount of brightness (foot-candles), this projection layout approach enables optimal contrast ratio through traditional arena lighting conditions. In addition to a high-quality display, unique premium content drives the “WOW” factor in this specialty solution. Using best practices, Quince Imaging determines optimal camera viewpoints to create 3D effects using forced-perspective techniques. View examples of our Platinum System installations HERE.





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