February 25, 2022 3birdadmin

Quince Imaging Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation

February 7, 2022 marks the 25th anniversary for Quince Imaging Inc.

February 7, 2022, marks the 25th anniversary of Quince Imaging, one of the most innovative live events companies in the United States. Over the past quarter century, Quince Imaging has grown from a small image projection company into an internationally recognized video production company, specializing in projection image mapping, live event video production, fan experience, augmented reality, permanent installations, and in-person, as well as virtual event production.

Since the firm’s induction, Quince Imaging has partnered with clients from a diverse range of industries, professional sports leagues including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and Esports, as well as corporate events and galas from both public and private sectors.  As the demand for sophisticated video installation continues to rise, Quince Imaging’s client base has expanded exponentially over the last decade. To keep pace with the rapidly growing market, Quince Imaging headquarters relocated to a massive 40,000 square-foot location in 2018 and continues to recruit new talent with diverse skill sets to meet growing client needs.

On occasion, President and Co-founder Ron Currier, remarked, “This milestone event was only made possible through the hard work and steadfast determination of our team members. Our talented team has endured throughout the most challenging of times, including the devastating impact of the global pandemic.”

COO, and Co-founder, Scott Williams stated, “Each of our team members has contributed to the evolution of the live events industry over the past quarter century, lending stellar delivery of all services to our clients. I couldn’t be more impressed with the evolution of our firm. Throughout 2022, we’ll continue to push the envelope with innovative video technology, as we have every year throughout our history.  As always, we must acknowledge our committed clients from all industries. We could never have achieved this impressive milestone without each and every one of you.”


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