March 2, 2020

Quince Imaging and Esport Supply Announce Partnership to Design and Build Collegiate Competitive Gaming Facilities - Quince Imaging

Quince Imaging, a global leader in experiential, immersive display and systems integration for professional and collegiate athletics teams and esports leagues, today announced partnership with Esport Supply, a System Target company, and the official technology partner of the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE).

NACE is a nonprofit membership association organized by and on behalf of its member institutions and is the only governing body of varsity college esports in North America. NACE currently has over 200 varsity esports programs as members, accounting for nearly all (90%) varsity programs across North America.

Esport Supply will support NACE by providing project management and procurement services for member schools looking to grow or establish a collegiate esports program. Quince Imaging will work in tandem with Esport Supply to design and build collegiate competitive gaming facilities, technology infrastructure, and audiovisual concepts to enhance viewership and fan experience across campuses.

“Partnering with Esport Supply is an incredible opportunity. NACE and Esport Supply are about to make history in advancing the organization of collegiate esports athletics, and we’re thrilled to be standing alongside them,” said CJ Davis, Creative Director at Quince Imaging.

Quince Imaging has become known as a preferred provider of audiovisual, broadcast, display and design for professional esports broadcast studios and battle arenas, including exclusive partnership with one of the biggest esports leagues in North America. As viewership continues to grow, and the industry gains international traction, professional leagues are investing in fan experience to keep pace with the growing audience. In 2018, Quince Imaging helped launch the world’s most sophisticated esports broadcast studio design and in 2019, supported North America’s top esports league in setting the stage for the legendary, international holographic video debut at one of the industry’s biggest annual events. Quince continues to work with the world’s leading esports leagues on multiple projects, with much more innovation expected in 2020.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Quince Imaging to bring their world-class projection mapping, broadcasting, and in-arena experiences to collegiate and professional esport organizations. Quince is a natural fit for our portfolio of esport specific solutions, including interior design networking and gaming hardware. Their work with top tier esports leagues has set the industry standard for live event production and broadcasting. Together, we will design broadcast and live production experiences, making Esport Supply the true single-source provider for all esports league, team and university needs,” said Jake Zinn, Founder, Esport Supply.

Quince Imaging’s unsurpassed technical expertise in providing optimal fan experience for live and broadcast esport viewers is the result of rich history supporting fan experience in traditional athletics venues including stadiums, arenas and fields belonging to teams and leagues within the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB and NCAA. Quince will leverage the same expertise gleaned from years of experience in tractional venues to enhance fan experience for esports as the industry continues to grow.

About Quince Imaging
Quince Imaging is an innovative experiential display and design firm located in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. Fusing a unique combination of creativity, technical process management, and unmatched expertise in the area of high-resolution graphic development, Quince is known for continuously raising the bar in providing awe-inspiring immersive experiences on the world stage. Quince’s loyal client base spans a diverse spectrum of markets, ranging anywhere from corporate entities, to non-profit associations, professional sports teams and venues, and global outreach organizations. Quince specializes in live event video production, creative content development, and permanent display system design and installation. For additional information, please visit:

About Esport Supply
Esport Supply, provides turn-key solutions for the design and build of dedicated esport spaces, streamlining the procurement, project management, and installation of multiple esport specific systems. Their expertise covers interior design, networking, gaming hardware, and streaming/live production systems. Esport Supply is also recognized as the Official Technology Supplier and Arena Referral Partner to the National Association of Collegiate Esports, helping their 200 + member institutions with the design and build of their dedicated esports spaces on campus. For additional information, please visit:

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