January 15, 2020

Baltimore Ravens Mixed-Reality Debut Goes Viral - Quince Imaging

The Baltimore Ravens, National Football League’s AFC North division champions, broke the internet with a video of their mixed-reality debut, exceeding 2 million views in the first 24 hours.  In the video, a larger-than-life raven appears to circle the stadium, even swooping down and buzzing over the crowd.  This year, the Ravens chose to stand as forerunners on the cutting edge of in-game entertainment by deploying the ultimate mixed reality fan experience.  Produced by The Famous Group and supported by The Future Group, Quince Imaging engineered hardware tracking and video system solution to ensure the cinema-quality effect came to life without a hitch.

Fans at M&T Bank Stadium, as well as followers online were mystified by the true-to-life depiction of the raven; many wondering how such a feat is even possible.  This isn’t the first time Quince Imaging has created a viral firestorm.  In the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 2014 internet sensation [view it here], followers were equally astonished; however, in the past 5 years, technology has created far more opportunities to produce complex visuals in real time, and in broad daylight.

Mixed reality, which is an advanced blend of augmented reality, makes it possible for virtual images to truly interact within the physical environment.  Viewers in the real world can see digital content in the natural environment and interact with virtual objects in real time. “Successful mixed reality depends on a delicate balance of powerful hardware, and thoughtful implementation of the designed effect to captivate fans and leave them with an experience they’ll be talking about for weeks to come” said CJ Davis, Creative Director at Quince Imaging.

During the live production, LED boards in the stadium created the illusion that the raven was circling the stadium, standing on the field, or perched on the goal post as the team scored.  Each of the raven’s interactions was fluid with the live action of the game and each of the raven’s positions was directed in real time throughout the game. Having these tools, allowed the Raven’s broadcast team, Ravens Productions, to use the raven as an instrument for generating pre-game hype, while heightening anticipation during captivating in-game feats, such as touchdowns, and defensive third downs.  At one critical moment, the raven was ominously perched on the goal post, virtually defending the Ravens endzone on third down plays.

“We want to keep fans on the edge of their seats. Each new project challenges us to become even more innovative, taking fan experience to the next level.  We don’t like to play it safe when it comes to technology, we like to lead through taking healthy risks,” said Scott Williams, Quince Chief Operating Officer. “No one ever thought they would see 3D image projection on the basketball court. No one expected mixed reality in the stadium.”

View the Baltimore Ravens Mixed-Reality Debut Here.

Additional Behind the Scenes footage available Here.

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