September 13, 2019

Quince Imaging Announces Flexible Financing Options to Increase Affordability of Live Image Projection and Augmented Reality Systems - Quince Imaging

Quince Imaging, Inc., award-winning display designer and content developer of Image Projection and Augmented Reality systems announces a major opportunity for new clients to bring the excitement of live image projection and augmented reality into their venues. The new financing terms make Quince Imaging’s systems accessible to budget-minded sports entities eager to increase fan engagement.

“With our systems integration packages now well established, we’ve opted to expand our offering to include financing options to budget-conscious sports teams. This offer will empower new clients to receive the benefits of their dream system now, while extending the payments over a multi-year period, so that professional-grade sports systems can become a reality for every team,” stated Scott Williams, Quince Imaging COO. “More sports teams understand that bringing innovative technology to the live audiences in their venues enables them to add sponsorship opportunity, increase social media impressions and enjoy a higher level of brand recognition. Increased use of immersive technology and imaging including live image projection and augmented reality are expected by fans across sports, both professional and collegiate.”

Quince Imaging now offers two unique mixed and augmented reality packages, in addition to four bundled image projection packages, the Platinum Plus, Platinum, Gold and Silver packages, which include pricing for both products and services. Package details and pricing terms are available HERE.

About Quince Imaging
Quince Imaging is an innovative experiential display and design firm located in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. Fusing a unique combination of creativity, technical process management, and unmatched expertise in the area of high-resolution graphic development, Quince is known for continuously raising the bar when it comes to providing awe-inspiring immersive experiences on the world stage. Quince’s loyal client base spans a diverse spectrum of markets, ranging anywhere from corporate entities, to non-profit associations, professional sports teams and venues, and global outreach organizations. Quince specializes in live event video production, creative content development, and permanent display system design and installation.

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