December 12, 2018

Quince Imaging helps NA LCS Deliver Experiential Esports Viewing Experience with Broadcast Studio Upgrades - Quince Imaging

Ahead of the 2018 World Championship, upgrades deliver a premium viewing experience for NA LCS fans in the stands, as well as their global broadcast viewing audience from their live studio in Los Angeles, California.  In the fast-paced, live-streamed world of esports, achieving the optimal studio means keeping up with the latest in sophisticated display design and systems integration technology. Riot Games, owner and operator of NA LCS connected with, Quince Imaging in spring of 2018 to execute the most sophisticated studio design in esports history. With the pace of the project moving quickly, Quince collaborated with LA based partner, The Famous Group, to take on art direction and work as communication liaison between Quince and Riot Games.

In 2017, when the League of Legends Championship series previously upgraded, they stated primary goals driving the NA LCS live studio design in their monthly news series, Arena.  Key initiatives were to “create a place for pros to play at their best and demonstrate their skills […] underline awesome moments to get fans hyped, showcase the unique identities and stories of NA LCS teams and pros, and create a living history of the sport by honoring previous winners in studio.”

By 2018, the surge in technological advancements and livestreamed viewership led Riot Games to expand upon key initiatives and reach out to industry experts, Quince Imaging and The Famous Group to take the studio to the next level.  The studio, which consisted of a stage, 2 large desks with room for five players on each side, and a massive LED wall backdrop, was in need of a fresh proof-of-concept that would include a set redesign to actively support presenters and rapidly update stats in a much higher degree of real-time with an easily editable, user-friendly interface. The livestreamed, broadcast displays were also in need of upgraded media servers, real-time workflow design and fresh, studio air-time graphics.

In the past, the media server systems that Riot was deploying were sufficient, but lacked the flexibility they ultimately required. When they upgraded to a Ventuz-based, screen-management system, Riot Games looked to Quince’s team of experts to design and program their shows for maximum flexibility.

“It was important that the new system design lay the foundation for a vast and flexible level of programming,” said CJ Davis, Quince Imaging’s Creative Director, “we chose to produce all the graphics in a full real-time environment with complete three-dimensional geometry. This allowed us to easily create dynamic transitions between content, while leaving room for some very cool special camera effects slated for the future. The designs were not only for the LED walls, we also created a very sophisticated touch template for the analyst to simulate and predict players champion selection.”

The final result includes a fully redesigned set with 5 separate LED walls, 3 embedded monitors, an 8 monitor low-bezel wall with two video feeds and an HD CG feed. User-friendly Ventuz media servers were deployed to control a total of 13 displays simultaneously.  A templatized system was also implemented to keep score with the streamed, rapid-fire, playback features.  In addition, brand new, real-time generated content graphics were designed and programmed for Battle Arena.

In his Quick Notes: NA LCS Analyst Desk announcement, Arthur “theMay0r” Chandra, NA LCS Broadcast Producer, stated, “We spend plenty of time [in the studio] and we were excited to buff it to be more badass. The Analyst Desk is now a place we are proud to share rather than a space that feels like an afterthought. I’m so […] excited to share it with all of you on broadcast.”

View the newly renovated studio, featuring state-of-the art graphic design package, real-time Ventuz templates and in-studio integration here.


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