October 6, 2018

Villanova Wildcats Premiere Pro-Level Projection System at Hoops Mania ahead of 2018-2019 Season - Quince Imaging

Villanova Wildcats men’s and women’s division one basketball teams returned to the court in style ahead of the 2018-2019 season with the completion of Finneran Pavilion’s $60 million arena renovation project.  One of numerous upgrades, the fully revamped arena features the same immersive 3D court projections and animated visuals that amped up the crowd during Villanova’s men’s basketball team’s trek to their 2018 NCAA Final Four championship triumph. The professional-level sports projection system has made history as the first permanent university installation to deliver and surpass the same superior quality court projections as those revered by fans of the NBA’s Philadelphia 76’ers at Wells Fargo Center, a venue the Wildcats frequent for special event home games.

Partnership between Quince Imaging and the Villanova Wildcats began when Quince created custom content and team headshots for player introductions using the Philadelphia 76’ers sports projection system (also designed and installed by Quince) for the “Meet the Wildcats” season opener at Wells Fargo Center in 2015. Each year since, Quince has provided new headshot videos ahead of each season.  The relationship with Wells Fargo Center and access to the pro-level projection system for several years motivated the university to incorporate a similar system into their comprehensive arena renovation plan, which kicked off in June of 2017.

“Not only is the installation at Finneran Pavilion the first university arena in the country to permanently install a pro-level system, the 8-projector laser lamp system will also provide years of trouble-free operation.  We’ve really enjoyed working with the Wildcats over the past 3 years, and we’re excited to support them with designing the system of their dreams, as they return to the court for the first time after last season’s NCAA Final Four victory,” said CJ Davis, Quince creative director. The 25,000-lumen laser lamp projectors will significantly reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of the projectors, with an expected lifespan of over 10 years.  In addition to the state-of-the-art projectors, the fully integrated system will synchronize all lighting, corner boards and the center-hung LED ring, providing a fully immersive, 4k resolution display for each show.

The brand-new system debuted this fall at the Wildcats’ annual Hoops Mania basketball kickoff party on October 5th. The event, an exclusive Villanova tradition, which receives national attention and includes A-list celebrity entertainment, including (featured entertainer for this year), introduces the highly-anticipated season rosters for both men’s and women’s basketball teams each year.  This season, the new sports projection system enabled Villanova to bump up fan experience to an unprecedented level.  In collaboration with Quince Imaging’s creative team, Villanova premiered the arena’s very first immersive court projection show.  The court floor at Finneran Pavilion came to life, much to the awe of fans, attendees, alumni and guests, with a 60-second 3D introduction [insert link after the event], which paid homage to the university’s basketball legacy with a series of historical Wildcats artifacts and photographs projected onto the court.  Immediately following the kickoff presentation, player introductions for both the men’s and women’s basketball teams commenced, illuminating larger than life-size, 3D video headshot projections for each player.

The broadcast-quality system, designed and installed by Quince Imaging, features Christie Crimson Series high-performance, 3DLP laser projectors, the latest innovation in large venue, high-brightness solid-state laser projectors and Pandoras Box media servers.  The system design makes it possible to display high-resolution images and animations directly onto the court floor, providing optimal viewing experience for fans in the arena, as well as those viewing via televised and streamed media.  As complement, the turnkey system makes it possible for Villanova to prepare and display unique content prior to each event, with the population of drag and drop customizable templates.  In addition to player introductions throughout the season, the system will be used for halftime shows, special events, and other university commemorations.  Fan engagement, student camaraderie and hometown pride are expected to soar far beyond Hoops Mania, throughout the season and for many seasons yet to come.

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