April 15th in Philadelphia, the Flyers’ home-game playoff debut was received with an awe-inspired hush as the arena went dark for an instant, then exploded into ambient white light, as the custom-designed lighting system sprung to life! Integrating a series of automated lighting trusses, multiple center-hung video boards and LED displays with state-of-the art projectors, Philadelphia-themed rink projections were perfectly synched to upbeat hip-hop music, creating an energetic hum throughout the arena. The six-minute show kept fans engaged and enthralled, as they actively participated in the light show from their seats with LED wristband integration provided by PixMob.

The pre-game introduction, developed as a custom concept by Quince Imaging, was a combination of the Flyers’ existing permanently installed projection system, integrated with lighting system enhancements provided by Light Action Production. The advanced technology, along with the 3D animations designed by Quince Imaging, resulted in a never-before-seen level of immersive projection and lighting design. View the Flyers’ opening night debut HERE.

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