Venue: Washington Hilton


Washington Hilton
Washington, D.C.
Live Events
Gear List:
(2) wide screen blends via 8-4k projectors
(3) 16×9 screens, via 6 additional projectors
(2) LED setups
(6) HD Cameras
(1) HD Flypack for in-room IMAG production
(1) HD Flypack for Webstream Production
(1) E2 Screen Management System
(1) S3 Screen Management System
(2) 9×60 Wide Screens
(3) 9×16 Screens for Triable Jumbotron
(6) LED Strips
Multi-Server Video Playback System
Client-hosted, two-day event hosted 2300 attendees for annual convention at the Washington Hilton in Washington, D.C., where attendees and industry subject matter experts collaborated and networked throughout an expansive 110,000 square feet of space. The layout consisted of 15 rooms total, including the International Ballroom.


Quince Imaging was called upon to provide projection, display, broadcast and other technical solutions to ensure smooth production and delivery of the live event which was live-streamed throughout the duration of the multi-day event. The client-hosted, two-day event took place at the Hilton hotel and conference center in Washington, D.C. in the winter of 2018. The annual summit hosted over 2,000 entrepreneurs spanning technology and product-related business industries. The event took place in 15 different conference rooms and covered the majority of an expansive 110,000 square feet of space.


Client-contracted technical producers specifically sought Quince Imaging experts to provide custom display solutions, systems integration and broadcast services to support the live-streamed networking and collaboration event. Nearly 110,000 square feet of customizable conference space was transformed to optimally accommodate the lavish conference. Spanning the massive Columbia and International Ballrooms and 13 additional rooms, the Quince-engineered setup allowed areas to remain show-ready for three to four days, giving flexibility, extra prep time and preliminary client access.


Engineering and installing the best technology to support the expansive conference space, spread out over more than a dozen separate rooms, made this a uniquely demanding venue for Quince professionals. Several months of planning including, four site surveys were made to ensure all technical aspects of the Convention were a complete success. Live, two-way streaming during multiple main-area sessions to be synchronized in multiple meeting rooms, while allowing for local recording, and the optimal setup to support interactive social media rooms, and exhibit areas, also added significant challenges. Further considerations to optimize snug areas, lounges and hallways were made to give maximum space to comfortably accommodate upwards of 2300 attendees, making room for the enjoyment of displays and installing the finest supporting equipment and technology.


Quince Imaging used optimal display technology solutions to maximize space throughout the venue to thoroughly accommodate attendees, including hallways and lounge areas.


A multi-faceted solution was engineered by Quince using multiple setups to accommodate this uniquely demanding venue.

  • The Columbia ballroom was broken into four sessions. Each session enlisted two six-by-10-foot screens with projection, confidence and overflow monitors.
  • Eight or more breakout rooms were outfitted, complete with monitors and/or projection screens and graphics package setups.
  • Three of the breakout rooms used 80-90” monitors to lend a more intimate set up.
  • Two of these areas also had cameras for local recording, and the largest was set up with a pre-engineered flypack configuration to not only accommodate cameras, but direct fiber connectivity to the ballroom for two-way streaming and communication.
  • Additional spaces included a green room, social media room, exhibit booths, a demo ‘Interactive Theater’ that was set up in a high-traffic hallway and eight additional monitors throughout the facility for livestream and social media content.


Danni Crosby – Production Account Manager and Client Relations
Sean Hovan – Client Relations
Kevin Tennant – International Ballroom Manager
Patrick Rellihan – E2 & S3 Screen Operator
Ryan Andrus – Server Operator
Nick Shaffer – In Room IMAG Technical Director
Jon Hennen – Projection Co-Lead
David Price – Projection Engineer
Keith Quinn – Projection Technician
Brian Barry – LED Technician
Matt Hayes – GFX Operator
Jared Calvelage – Video Tech & Camera Operator


Bob Elliott – Camera Operator
Rob Hatch – Camera Operator
Pruitt Allen – Camera Operator
Charles Montgomery – Camera Operator
Rolf Johansson – Hand-Held Camera Operator
Jean Renaud – Hand-Held Camera Operator
Nicholas Godette – Camera Utility
Dustin Smith – Camera Utility
Anthony Magdon – AutoCAD/Vectorworks drafter and rigging consultant.
Nesim Serequeberhan – Breakouts Manager
Chris Arnold – Technical Director & Engineer
Sam Hinds – GFX Op


Carl Poland – GFX Op
John Chia – GFX Op
Earl Coleman – GFX Op
Sebastian May – GFX Op
Shane Navy – GFX Op
Jeff Quinn – GFX Op
Juan Quiroga – Camera Op
Eric Bugash – Camera 0p
Cameron Bartlett – Video Technician
Devon Overton – Venue Wide Video Technician
Matt Richmond – Venue Wide Video Technician
Russell Cole – Utility Tech
Matt Costa – Utility Tech

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