May 7, 2018

Dual-Sport Projection System slated for permanent installation at Capital One Arena - Quince Imaging

Dual-Sport Projection System installed for Capitals and Wizards by hometown firm, Quince Imaging, will return as a permanent fixture next season

Monumental Sports, the joint-venture firm that owns and operates the Washington D.C. Capitals (NHL) and Wizards (NBA) teams, has just announced that the special-event projection system, slated for removal at the conclusion of the teams’ 2017–2018 playoffs, will return next season as a permanent fixture at Capital One Arena.

Monumental Sports’ Senior Vice President of Marketing and Brand Strategy, Hunter Lochmann announced yesterday, “We are excited to partner with locally-headquartered Quince Imaging to bring Capitals’ and Wizards’ fans first-class, in-game entertainment when they attend home games at Capital One arena. We’ve watched their work with various NBA & NHL teams – always shared as best practices across both leagues – and look forward to taking our presentations to the next level. Playoff season has been fun, but we are even more excited to partner with Quince throughout the 2018-19 seasons and beyond.”

The permanent system, which will feature the same innovative technology seen during the Capitals’ playoff debut and Wizards’ playoff home-game debut will be the first permanent installation of this magnitude ever implemented in professional sports. The Quince Imaging team has coined the state-of-the-art system’s custom suite of groundbreaking AV solutions as the “trifecta” of modern sports display and integrative technology for live events. “Christie hardware was the obvious choice for this installation. Christie alone, has the only truly native 4K-resolution display chip that can produce the high pixel density required to meet the quality we — and our customer, expect. The result is a fully 4K-native workflow from media servers to projectors,” stated Quince Creative Director, CJ Davis.

The product line-up, almost exclusively developed and designed by Christie Digital, includes: (12) 30,000 lumen, 4K resolution, 3DLP Christie Boxer 4K30 projectors — especially designed for high-impact, live events; four of Christie’s award-winning, Pandoras Box media servers, which provide the optimal, high-performance link between visual displays and digital image compositing for the arena; the brand-new Christie Terra 4K signal transmitter, which supports video formats of up to 4K at 60Hz and provides unprecedented performance capabilities, transporting and processing of uncompressed, zero-frame latency, artifact-free video over 10G Ethernet components; and the Christie Mystique, which provides an integrative solution to calibrating complex, multi-projector display systems. Together, these systems will enhance the fan-engagement experience, by seamlessly integrating myriad AV components to amplify the effects of 3D video-mapped content and interactive special effects, during player introductions, timeouts and halftime shows on the court and rink – throughout the duration of many NBA and NHL seasons to come.

“Our core mission in professional arenas has always been to pair robust technical solutions with compelling content. Looking at the short turnaround for the NBA and NHL playoffs was no different. In a matter of weeks, we were able install the highest-resolution mapping system available in an arena environment, while simultaneously collaborating with the Capitals and Wizards to produce unique 3D content. We are pleased that Monumental has selected Quince Imaging to install the system permanently, and wish both the Capitals and the Wizards all the best in the post-season and beyond,” said Quince Imaging Producer, Eric Gazzillo, who oversaw system installation and production of both debut home-game playoff shows.

Quince Imaging will continue to support both the Washington Capitals and Washington Wizards, with custom, 3D animated content for court and rink projections, throughout the remainder of their playoff seasons. Monumental Sports and Quince Imaging also plan to collaborate on content for both teams’ 2018–2019 season openers.

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