University of Florida - University Arena Install

University of Florida; Gators Athletic Department
Gainesville, FL
University Athletics
Gear List:
(4) Christie Boxer 30,000 lumen 2k projectors
(4) Boxer 0.72 fixed lens
(1) Player Quad Mode 4DP
(1) Pandoras Box manager hardware 19″ Rackmount Workstation
(1) Pandoras Box widget designer PRO dongle
Creative Director – CJ Davis
Projection Engineer – Anthony Magdon
Systems Engineers – Eric Gazzillo; Pablo De-Negri


The University of Florida Gators sought Quince Imaging expertise to bring the very first permanent college-arena installation of 3D image mapping projection technology to Exactech Arena at the Stephen C. O’Connell Center.


Engineer premiere, college-specific, 4-sport-array, 3D projection system to maintain clear, bright image-mapping despite ambient sports arena lighting and remain within university budget constraints.


On the heels of extensive renovations to the fondly dubbed “O’Dome”, UF has again enlisted Quince Imaging to install permanent projection technology in Exactech Arena at the Stephen C. O’Connell Center. The new 3D image-mapping projection is similar to systems previously engineered by Quince on a rental basis, including the one in early 2017, used during the UF Gator basketball victory over Kentucky, which drew rave reviews from social media and fans alike.

The first-ever, permanent, 3D sports imaging installation in a college venue will enhance multiple Gator team events and greatly magnify fan experience. The new 4-Array projection system, able to multi-task and handle variances in sporting events, will especially benefit select Gator men’s and women’s basketball games, volleyball matches and gymnastics meets.

The new 3D projection system was activated for the first time in September of 2017, bringing the innovative technology first to the Gator’s women’s Volleyball team.


Quince began working with UF, originally enthralling sports event attendees with the first college-venue, eidophor projections on the field of the 1986 Gator Growl. The annual event, known as the largest student-run pep rally in the world, continued to shine as Quince’s services evolved to include 2010’s state-of-the art video and imaging projection directly onto the football field. Fans at the time were treated to premier full-motion video field projection – ahead of services of their type provided for professional, world-class sporting events. UF’s Gator Growl became recognized, nationwide, for its remarkable, cutting-edge sports entertainment


The University of Florida sports projection system was to be a standalone solution, focused mainly on improving fan experience. Quince engineers understood that most professional arenas enable a flexible projection design due to vast space and rigging flexibility, but university arenas are usually designed with lower steel height and center-hung placement, which often present unique challenges regarding projection positioning and integration.

Additionally, brightness requirements tend to be more conservative for universities. Ambient lighting would also compete with the effectiveness of the system, as college arenas are never darkened to the degree of professional stadiums. The focus was to have enough brightness and versatility in the system, while keeping costs affordable for a University-friendly budget.

Finally, to finish the task properly, university personnel would need training to operate and maintain the equipment once it was installed.


Quince addressed each of these considerations by providing several secondary, projection-array design options for the unique “University System” developed especially for the UF install.

Drawings were made to facilitate the approval process. Media server array and control room equipment, including Coolux Pandoras Box playback server, widget designer and rack equipment; all projection equipment, lenses, I/O cards, cabling, initial parts rigging hardware, steel and brackets were provided. Quince engineers planned for rigging to attach to the existing lighting truss to ensure that projection would not require movement for third party events.

Quince Imaging installed the projection systems in the center of the existing lighting truss on both left and right courts. Each side included the installation of a pair of Christie Boxer projectors with a native resolution of 4096 x 2160 to cover and illuminate the 95-foot by 50-foot area. Media server racks were installed in the GatorVision control room, and Quince provided rack elevations signal flow and projection location drawings at that time.

The performance versus cost of various available projection systems was analyzed between initial cost and hourly operating cost. The mercury-lamp-based Christie Boxer Projectors that Quince specified yield the optimum value and performance, given the expected hours of operation.

In addition to a high-quality display, Quince Imaging determined optimal camera viewpoints for creating 3D effects using forced perspective techniques.

Quince supplied informational and technical documents, detailing standard operation procedures and basic troubleshooting scenarios. The QuinceCares Support Program will continue to provide additional training to select and qualified UF personnel, familiar with the operation of specialized projection and media server operation. QuinceCares also includes a support plan for the first year, including scheduled maintenance, routine care and system updates that virtually insure trouble-free operation and protection from the unexpected.





The most up-to-date Quince install parameters, including the Christie boxer 30,000 lumen 2k projectors; Pandoras Box Quad Player Version 6; and Widget Designer Version 6 has propelled UF to the forefront, as the first university ever to have a permanent installation like those provided for professional athletic teams. Unique displays and engaging content is now an exciting option available at select Gator Team events. Student athletes can enjoy the benefits of modern technological enhancements adding an edge to their tournaments and increasing the value of audience experience. As the very first university ready and able to transport fans into a world of immersive, 3D content, UF is now on the precipice of a new era in college sports entertainment.

Why Quince?

The Gators have maintained a trusted, long-term partnership with Quince Imaging who were first in the industry to design 3D imaging solutions for sports arenas of the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB and NCAA. Quince has installed more permanent sports imaging systems in North America than any other vendor, including venues such as Philips Arena, Prudential Center, Quicken Loans Arena, Wells Fargo Center and the dual sports projection system for the Blackhawks and the Bulls at Chicago’s United Center.

Enjoying their successful, decades-long partnership with UF, Quince was pleased to design and implement their first permanent university installation for the Gators

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