The 2016 North American International Auto Show was sheer sensory overload — thousands upon thousands of automakers, suppliers and fans in a space the size of a football field. There was a lot to inspire and desire at this show. An extremely cool example of the kind of collaborations that stood out from the crowd was the Michelin “Track-to-Street” Campaign exhibit.

It was worth taking a break from the heavy traffic on the main thoroughfare for the immersive experience within the confines of the Michelin exhibit. Without the background noise, you could focus on tire traditions that existed since before you were born and that will continue well after we’ve all ascended to automotive heaven. Michelin’s “Track-to-Street” Campaign tells the part of their story that focuses on how they use engineering knowledge gained on the racetrack and apply it to consumer street tires.

Michelin challenged Quince Imaging with devising a unique way to tell their story, something off the beaten track, so to speak.

And they did.

Quince Imaging designed and developed an original concept aimed at drawing a visual comparison between a race car and its street model companion. Creating an interactive touch screen application that scanned the cars showing the similarities (and differences), Quince Imaging, with sliding door fabricator Acass Systems, built the whole apparatus from the ground up.

The installation boasted a robust mounting platform that could reliably withstand thousands of participants per day and a friendly user interface with interesting visuals designed to entice users to experience the content. Quince used a combination of Ventuz media servers to drive all of the interactive content and supported the motion tracking connectivity with Coolux Widget Designer. Ventuz provided the perfect workflow to manage a typical show environment for, first the press event, and then easily convert into an interactive user driven experience for the exhibit floor.

By the way, this exhibit was designed to be fun as well. Just ask the Michelin Tire Man who seemed to be having a great time with it. The whole thing worked amazingly well throughout the show.

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