The 2016 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, a 4-day event steeped in racecar culture and classic automobile history, took place August 18th- 21st in Monterey, California.   Each year the reunion features an iconic racing event in which over 550 classic racecars are invited to compete for awards based on performance both on and off the track.   Considered a “real life” museum of classic racecars, it was only fitting that an industry revered tire manufacturer with a racing history as rich as Michelin, would be exhibiting at the event.   For Michelin’s exhibit, Quince Imaging was the decided choice to provide an attention grabbing display solution.

Boasting over 125 years of experience delivering sustainable and innovative tires, Michelin has supported racecars in some of the world’s most prestigious automobile races, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the oldest endurance race in existence.   In its 84-year history, 25 of the winning racecars have crossed the finish line on Michelin tires.   To share this astounding feat, Quince Imaging was challenged with designing an immersive, interactive attendee experience, simple in design and easy to engage with.   Additionally, the exhibit would have to be eye catching enough to grab the attention of race fans in a convention space filled with famous historical racecars.

Using a strict roadmap on how to proceed, Quince Imaging quickly emerged with an immersive, interactive display design that paid tribute to each of the victorious race cars that competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans on Michelin tires.   Using a trackside garage, Quince Imaging enveloped the space with projection, creating a fully-interactive track environment.   With cutting edge media server engineering, each winning car was modeled into the interactive 3D environment and used to display the stats, facts and history behind each vehicle.

Quince Imaging was able to exceed expectations by providing an interactive, immersive and educational display capable of engaging dozens of participants simultaneously.   The custom design was uniquely innovative due to the fact that the projection occurred outside, which provided an opportunity for Quince to tackle the obstacle of projecting animations that could override the competing sunlight without compromising the integrity of the images.   Services included 3D projection image mapping, interactive display, media-server system engineering, custom content creation and experiential design.

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