STARKVILLE, Miss. — Mississippi State University just completed a $75 million dollar renovation of the Davis Wade Stadium, now a stunning jewel in the crown of SEC Division stadiums.   However, when approaching the stadium from campus … an unexpected problem: The rear of the newly erected scoreboard could be seen vaulting atop the stadium’s stately entrance architecture … just a huge, blank wall glaring out at the campus grounds.

There was no question that it had to be addressed and a number of approaches were discussed, but sometimes there’s nothing wrong with the obvious solution, a campus-facing projection billboard.

Scott Wetherbee, MSU Senior Associate Director of Athletics for External Affairs, approached Quince Imaging to help devise use of the space in a way that would broaden MSU’s athletic brand and be useful to the students and the campus at-large.

Now, you might think this is just another “big ole’ screen”.   Au contraire!   It’s quite a bit more than that.

The installation space was big but finite, 160 feet wide by 90 feet tall.   Luckily, Quince Imaging is at the forefront of customized projections and big screen installations.   But most important is how their visualization, fabrication, and projection techniques were applied to solve this real-world problem.

“The exciting part here is Quince’s ability to enable and master the latest technology and then simplify a complex process for independent use by the client.   As much as we can, we do all the work ourselves, to maintain quality control over the process,” explains Quince Imaging installation team lead, Anthony Magdon.

Over a 3-day period, Quince Imaging installed two 30,000 Lumen Christie Boxers (weatherized with Tempest Typhoon Enclosures), connected the Pandora Box Media Server playback system, and hooked-up the Lightware Modex Optical transmitters.

Then the fun part.   All the little gizmos were activated and the system came alive.   This is the part that makes this a truly standout installation.   Here’s the rundown:

The system is fully automated to run nightly without any human operator.   MSU can pre-program content of any kind, stills, graphics, text, video, etc.   With the installed remote IP camera interface, Quince can view and adjust content remotely … in REAL TIME!   Color correction, positioning, adjustments for fog or ambient light can all be done on the fly.   There’s also a remote maintenance and system check function.   Quince not only installed this system but supports the installation throughout its lifetime.

“It’s true, 99% of any service required can be done remotely for this system, but I’m revitalized whenever I step foot on this campus,” says Magdon.   “I’d be glad to go back, anytime.”

Gooooo, Bulldogs!

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