California-based, Pacific Retail Capital Partners consulted Quince Imaging for technical and creative design expertise as part of The Shops at South Town renovation project. The futuristic mall incorporates technology in the form of electronic media exhibits, including an interactive digital display for children. Leader in providing custom, responsive-display solutions across industry lines, Quince Imaging drew on past experience designing interactive, 3-D court projection systems and digital basketball-simulation video game animations. Quince team engineers devised a way to create a truly interactive, real-time gaming experience by flawlessly merging intuitive media with new-generation rendering technology.

The children’s interactive display features a 13-foot by six-foot, ultra-high-resolution, interactive play wall with custom-created games and activities designed to engage senses and entertain children of all ages. In partnership with Pacific Retail Capital Partners, Quince Imaging developed Emoji Pop as the premiere digital display game, in which emoji icons appear as antagonistic bubbles, exploding onto the 3D, touch-screen surface. The objective was to design an enticing, automated, repeatable game that would resonate as both competitive and upbeat.

Emoji Pop players will select one emoji bubble at the beginning of the game to single out and pop throughout the game. As the emojis burst upward onto the screen, players will pop them by tapping their fingers on the touch screen. Players can use both hands to pop multiple emojis at once. Extra points can be earned when multiple emoji bubbles are popped within the same session, but points are taken away if players mistakenly pop an emoji other than the one selected at the beginning of the game. The game will consist of three different levels ranked easy, medium and hard. The built-in score system will use the leaderboard to display the highest score.

In order to make it all possible, Quince Imaging leveraged Ventuz media servers with custom-built hardware to deliver a top-notch, multidimensional experience with customized 3D models and graphics. The children’s interactive digital-display wall will appear near the main entrance of the mall in a high-volume area and is certain to provide an entertaining break for children and parents as they peruse The Shops at South Town.

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