Leading tire manufacturer, Michelin, made a big splash for the second year in a row with digital display at the 2017 North American International Auto Show. Enlisting the help of Quince Imaging, Michelin wowed attendees with custom-designed experiential displays. Premier sponsor of the two-week-long event, Michelin drove promotional success with a pre-show, press room, Michelin exhibit, and an interactive photo-booth display for attendees. In increasingly crowded venues, sponsors must use ingenuity to stand out amongst competitors and capture the attention of a fresh crop of media-savvy consumers. Michelin’s methodology was to enlist Quince Imaging’s expertise to devise a three-tiered, sponsorship-engagement strategy, which included a real-time, hashtag-tracking wall; a seamless HD monitor wall, displaying high-resolution video content; and a social-network-integrated, time-slice photo booth.

Offering the latest industry insights from all major automobile manufacturers around the globe, and drawing nearly 5,000 reporters representative of more than 60 different countries internationally, the Michelin-hosted pressroom provided the ideal platform for sponsorship engagement. Michelin collaborated with Quince to design an engaging social network display wall, which consisted of two 9×16 projection screens, to track the event hashtag, #NAIAS in real-time at the exclusive, press-only showcase. “Social media walls have become a hot engagement-sponsor menu item,” said Eric Gazzillo, display designer at Quince Imaging, explaining the new market trend. “Enterprise-level event sponsors are always looking for the best way to get their brand recognized — what better platform for brand recognition than an immersive, interactive display?”

As premier sponsor and exhibitor, Michelin utilized their booth space to create an attendee-enticing, experiential design. With the goal of communicating the latest innovations in tire technology, Michelin and Quince Imaging came up with the “Michelin Showcase,” a seamless display comprised of nine 55-inch, low-bezel monitors. The impressive screens displayed a repeating, high-resolution loop of Michelin’s newest promotional video in wall-to-wall format throughout the exhibit.

Adding a fun, interactive component to their display, Michelin and Quince designed “Michelin Moments 180 Degree Experience”, a custom, time-slice photo booth. The model, designed to attract booth interest and provide an original, memorable experience to attendees, was comprised of a ring of fifteen, gif-generating cameras, integrated with social media and touchscreen technology. After completing the Michelin exhibit walkthrough, attendees exited at the back, where they could strike a pose while all fifteen cameras snapped in unison to create a 3D animated gif to instantly share on the social media platform of choice.

Encompassing systems integration, interactive and immersive elements of sponsorship, Michelin and Quince Imaging work together year after year to design experiential display solutions for enterprise-level events including NAIAS, Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion and the Petersen Automotive Museum exhibit.

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