October 23, 2017

Quince Imaging Announces Corporate Expansion - Quince Imaging

Herndon, VA, October 23, 2017 – Quince Imaging COO and Co-Founder, Scott Williams announced today that his rapidly growing Washington D.C.-based media production company has plans to expand its corporate headquarters, with a relocation scheduled for late this year. The new facility, which occupies a total of 45,000 square feet will more than double floor space, creating unique opportunities to provide custom accommodations to Quince’s rapidly diversifying client base and expanding staff. “Quince Imaging is investing in the next generation of 3D imaging and display technology for sports, live events, corporate entertainment, retail, automobile shows, museums, and beyond,” said Quince Imaging President and Co-Founder, Ron Currier. “Combining our expertise in projection, imaging display, creative design, and systems integration, we will push well beyond the limits of present-day imaging and display solutions. Our investments in extending our headquarters and expanding our team to include a fresh crop of talented imaging experts strengthen our leadership position in meeting fast-growing demand for experiential imaging solutions across leading industryspecific markets.”

The new establishment will consist of an open floorplan, designed to foster a nurturing environment for collaboration with all of Quince Imaging’s staff, clients and guests. Six defined meeting areas in a range of sizes, equipped with the latest in presentation and web-conferencing technology, will accommodate a variety of group sizes and agendas. Additional lounge spaces will provide opportunities for spontaneous ideation and event collaboration. Accessible semi-private, stand-up, bar-height meeting spaces, as well as the more traditional, private conference rooms and the addition of a spacious self-service café, will further nurture opportunities for impromptu meetups on the fly.

Perhaps the most impactful addition to Quince’s new location is the growth of the Quince Engineering Technical Assessment Lab, affectionately dubbed QuE’Tal by the Quince team. The lab, which historically, was intended to serve as a demonstration theater, quickly evolved into a creative-thinking lab for Quince’s team of imaging visionaries to test new concepts and explore emerging innovations in imaging technology. Based on the vision of Quince’s founders, QuE’Tal was designed to serve as an ever-evolving space available to enhance the generation of creative solutions. The new and improved QuE’Tal, which will encompass a 28-foot-high ceiling clearance, will serve as the platform upon which clients collaborate with designers and engineers to witness their developing ideas morph into immersive visual displays.

Another amenity, conceived with client experience in mind, includes the viewing balcony, which is accessible from the executive office spaces. Overlooking QuE’Tal, the balcony will offer a “sky-box” experience, creating an entertaining, educational opportunity for clients to observe the latest technology in action. The concept is to introduce clients to fresh ideas and technologies to infuse new concepts into their own events. In addition to the viewing balcony on the 2nd floor there will be an additional, bright, open meeting space, creating yet another opportunity for clients to experience, and take part in team play, collaboration, and whimsy of Quince’s core values.

Quince’s general contractor is going over and above the call of duty to keep the project on schedule for the estimated move-in date of December 8, 2017. Quince Imaging’s new headquarters will be located at 22601 Davis Drive, Sterling VA 20164.

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