September 1, 2017

Gators Launch Permanent College-Arena Sports Imaging System - Quince Imaging

Gainsville, FL, September 1, 2017 – The University of Florida Athletic Association (UAA) has partnered once again with Quince Imaging to bring innovative court projection technology to Exactech Arena at the Stephen C. O’Connell Center. The very first permanently installed sports imaging system in a college venue will benefit multiple Gator teams and greatly enhance fan experience at a variety of events. The new 4-Array projection system, able to multi-task and handle variances in sporting events, will primarily affect the Gators men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball and gymnastics teams.

Quince began working with UF, originally enthralling sports event attendees with the first college-venue, eidophor projections on the field of the 1986 Gator Growl. The annual event, known as the largest student-run pep rally in the world, continued to shine as Quince services evolved through 2010 to state-of-the art video on screens and imaging projection directly onto the football field. Fans at the time were treated to the first-ever, full-motion video field projection. UF’s Gator Growl became recognized, nationwide, for its remarkable, cutting-edge sports entertainment and amazing image projections.

The Gators have maintained a trusted, long-term partnership with Quince Imaging who were first in the industry to design 3D imaging solutions for client affiliates in sporting arenas of the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB and NCAA. As subject matter experts in imaging and display technologies for live and special events, Quince is committed to bringing the most innovative, technical approach to designing and implementing unique, impactful imaging designs and activations. The first permanent college sports installation at UF’s Exactech Arena is no exception. “We are pleased to share this impressive milestone with our friends and colleagues at University of Florida, our longest-standing university client. Quince Imaging and UF have shared over a decades-long history of successful collaboration, partnering on major events such as the Gator Growl. As University system court-projection pioneers, we are thrilled to watch as UF paves the way to a new era in sports entertainment for University athletes and fans,” said Quince Imaging COO and Co-Founder, Scott Williams.

Quince has installed more permanent sports imaging systems in North America than any other vendor, including venues such as Philips Arena, Prudential Center, Quicken Loans Arena, Wells Fargo Center and Chicago’s United Center. The scope of projects, including graphic design and animation for field and court projections, were previously temporary and event-specific for UF events, but the Gators are entering a new era with Quince’s permanently installed sports imaging system. The most up-to-date Quince install parameters, including the Christie boxer 2k 30; Pandoras box quad player version 6; and Widget designer version 6 will rocket UF to the forefront, as the first university to have a permanent installation similar to those provided for pro athletic teams.

The new projection system, set to debut during the 2017-18 season, is scheduled to be up and running September 12, bringing the exciting, modern technological enhancements first to the Gator’s Volleyball team.

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