Quince Imaging welcomed Joey Eberwein, the United Center’s Technical Production Analyst, to in-depth, on-site imaging system training at their corporate headquarters in the Washington, D.C. area. United Center Arena, home of the NBA’s Chicago Bulls and NHL’s Blackhawks, has maintained a trusted, long-term partnership with Quince Imaging, over the course of the last several years. Together, their successes include a scope of projects spanning graphic design and animation for court and rink projections, and most recently, a robust upgrade for the United Center’s permanently installed sports imaging system.

The United Center’s imaging system training came as an extension of the client’s pre-selected maintenance plan, which includes a variety of relevant support and assistance services, custom to the unique design of the venue. Eric Gazzillo, Lead Display Designer at Quince, produced a United Center Arena simulation and, over the course of five days, walked Eberwein through the capabilities of the Pandoras Box media server system and Widget Designer PRO programming. Training also covered best practices for all aspects of imaging system management, including initiating system setup, alignment and configuration, content workflow and management, optimal transcoding for specific setups, multi-server setups, lamp and filter replacement, and even emergency technical troubleshooting, among other necessary topics.

“One of the most overlooked areas of any permanent projection-mapping system is the staff required to support it. Like any broadcast video system, projection needs a knowledgeable engineer to operate it. At Quince, we’re unique in that we both empower our clients through training, while also offering some of the best support technicians in the industry for more complex challenges,” Gazzillo stated.

At the completion of training, Eberwein gave his seal of approval. “As far as my training with Eric, first thing I want to say is ‘thank you.’ I learned so much, I am still exhausted from the week. From basic functioning of the Pandoras Box software, and learning how to warp, training sharpened some of the skills I rely on every day. Having the one-on-one class was also great, because it allowed us to progress through the training at my own pace and allowed me to ask many questions.”

Quince Imaging provides all systems integration clients with the option to choose from three service-support and maintenance package offerings. Each all-inclusive plan maintains the distinct features that hallmark the Quince reputation; venue personnel will receive personalized, hands-on training by the very team members that designed and installed the imaging system. Quince has always proven to be an impressive anomaly, utilizing its in-house staff of professionals to deliver a training guide capable of simulating real-world, system-specific situations.

Currently, Quince Imaging provides training, services and maintenance for 80 large-venue projectors (Quince has) installed in arenas across the United States. Even with nearly 100 systems maintained, clients can rest assured that their projector and operator training will completely encompass their specific system requirements and can be delivered on-site at their venue or, in-house at Quince Imaging headquarters.

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