The Shops at South Town

Pacific Retail Capital Partners
Sandy, Utah
Pacific Retail Capital Partners collaborated with Quince Imaging to create a futuristic, digitally enhanced shopping experience at The Shops at South Town. Initiatives included interactive children’s sensory display wall, massive multimedia display and digital interactive kiosks.
Design and engineer an interactive children’s display wall, massive LED multimedia wall and interactive kiosks.
After successfully launching phase one of the renovation project at The Shops at South Town, Pacific Retail Capital Partners is launching a national digital engancement initiative at shopping centers across the country.


California-based, Pacific Retail Capital Partners consulted Quince Imaging for technical and creative design expertise in phase one of The Shops at South Town renovation project. The futuristic Utah mall, which served as a test market prior to a national launch, incorporates technology in the form of electronic media exhibits, including an interactive digital display for children, an LED media wall and responsive digital directories.

Why Quince Imaging?

Leader in providing custom, systems integration and responsive-display solutions across industries, Quince Imaging drew from vast experience designing and programming technology for interactive, 3D image mapping systems to develop a concept for retail.
Utilizing state-of-the-art media server technology, Quince multi-media engineers implemented a robust CMS strategy, flawlessly merging intuitive media with new generation rendering technology to deliver a seamless technical solution for Pacific Retail Capital Partners.

Concept: Sensory Experience

The children’s interactive display features a 13-foot by six-foot, ultra-high-resolution, interactive play wall with custom-created games and activities designed to engage senses and entertain children of all ages. In partnership with Pacific Retail Capital Partners, Quince Imaging developed Emoji Pop as the premiere digital display game, in which emoji icons appear as antagonistic bubbles, exploding onto the 3D, touch-screen surface. The objective was to design an enticing, automated, sensory experience that would resonate as both competitive and upbeat.


In order to make it all possible, Quince Imaging leveraged Ventuz media servers with custom-built hardware to deliver a top-notch, multidimensional experience with customized 3D models and graphics. The children’s interactive digital-display wall appears near the main entrance of the mall in a high-volume area and is certain to provide an entertaining break for children and parents as they peruse The Shops at South Town.

Concept: Engaging Display

The massive 24-foot by 11-foot LED media wall drives engagement with premium displays including films, sporting events, livestreams, art and other digital entertainment ptions. The multi-media wall also serves as an interactive communication tool between shoppers and staff, displaying real-time answers to questions submitted by shoppers. Additionally, helping to promote sales for retailers, the wall provides valuable ad and promotional space for vendors. Equipped with smart technology, the LED display delivers relevant and timely ads based on time of day, mall traffic volume and shopper demographics


Pandoras Box media servers, the same technology used to drive interactive 3D image mapping in NBA and NHL arenas across the country, equip the robust content management system to support each of the engagement, interactive and promotional initiatives of the massive LED display wall simultaneously.

Concept: Interactive Kiosks

Six double-sided digital kiosks strategically placed throughout The Shops at South Town assist with wayfinding and provide a personalized, responsive approach to shopping. Enhanced with touch screen technology, the kiosks also provide up-to-the-minute deals from shoppers’ favorite stores, social interaction; Live streaming, Beacon technology, selfie photo capabilities and mobile app functionality.


Quince Imaging integrated Pandoras Box and CMS methodology to drive content to the interactive kiosks. The personalized content, which is responsive to complex data and analytics programming, is delivered in real time.

Lasting Impact

After successfully launching phase one of the renovation project at The Shops at South Town, Pacific Retail Capital Partners is launching a national digital enhancement initiative at shopping centers across the country. “To be first to offer our customers an exclusive, technologically-savvy experience that they cannot find elsewhere in the market is the perfect topping off to our renovation,” said Marketing and Business Development Manager Heather Nash. “Young children have loved the custom emoji game, millennials appreciate being connected to their favorite social media platforms, and parents are grateful the entire family is together in the same place having fun and creating memories.”

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