February 7, 2017

Quince Imaging Celebrates 20th Anniversary - Quince Imaging

HERNDON, VA, February 7, 2017 – Quince Imaging is pleased to announce its twentieth year as the leading projection company for sports, events and experiential design. In two remarkable decades of technical innovation and accelerated growth, the projection company has risen from an increasingly crowded market of event services and AV companies. Quince is commemorating this momentous milestone by launching a refreshed website that features a new demo reel highlighting sports, events and experiential design projects; an updated team page, recognizing each dedicated staff member; and a heartfelt letter of thanks to clients, partners and friends of Quince.

Quince Imaging has origins dating back to 1983 when company co-founders, Ron Currier, Scott Williams and the late Adrian Gautschi, joined forces to develop a synergistic approach to image projection. Together, they became the first to use video displays for television backdrops; first to project a high-definition, large-screen display to a group audience; and first to use video display to project upon a human screen. By 1996, the demand for state-of-the-art image projection became so great, the founding three began mapping out the business plan that, by 1997, would become Quince Imaging.

Rapid response to Quince Imaging’s service offerings foretold an increasing demand for technologically advanced image projection for live events. Identifying the opportunity, Quince strategically designed and implemented several new advancements in image projection. In 1999, Quince Imaging became the first to provide a 10,000+ lumen video display. During 2002, Quince pioneered the first ever, truly seamless widescreen video. By 2003, Quince Imaging broke ground as the first to provide 18,000+ lumen video display.

Quince set a new standard in 2012, for in-game sports entertainment when the company became the first to project in 3D on a basketball court. Sparked by the tremendous success of 3D projection mapping on the court, Quince Imaging expanded to launch an entire creative design department comprised of a highly skilled team of animators and graphic design artists in 2013. By 2014, the demand for permanently installed sports projection systems became so great, Quince began installing structures in NBA and NHL sports arenas across the country. Discreet, interactive motion-tracking system technology followed later that year, affirming Quince Imaging’s position as the leading provider of frontline technology in image projection for sports entertainment.

As subject matter experts in imaging and display technologies for live and special events, Quince is committed to bringing the most innovative, technical approach to designing and implementing unique, impactful imaging and activations. “Our philosophy the entire time has always been to embrace higher resolution, newer technology; and to bring this technology to the market as quickly as possible,” states co-founder, Scott Williams. “We now serve a multinational market. We have clients all throughout the United States and Canada. We provide our services for nearly 400 live events per year, and over the last twenty years our staff has expanded from a threeman startup to a team of 40 plus full-time employees, and we’re showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.”

About Quince Imaging:
Quince Imaging is a premier image display, content delivery, video production technology and services company for live events and permanent installations. Emerged from an increasingly crowded market of event services and AV companies, Quince is a leader in knowledge and a champion of quality – especially in the area of highresolution graphic development and complex projection and image designs. Quince is experienced in the “Big Room” and has the reputation for delivering the highest quality services. Collaborating with clients at event design inception, Quince Imaging brings creativity, technical and process management expertise and a singleminded sense of dedication into meeting the client’s needs and goals.

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