December 2, 2016

Quince Imaging & Cleveland Cavs Elevate Full-Court Motion Tracking - Quince Imaging

Cleveland, OH: The Cleveland Cavaliers, the NBA’s first team to permanently install a 3D projection system in their home arena, brought back fan-favorite sports entertainment, the ‘Cavs Arcade’ at the December 1st home game against the L.A. Clippers. Interactive, full-court arcade games are made possible with discreet motion-tracking technology. Pioneer and industry leader of permanent in-arena installations and creative services, Quince Imaging was selected to design and adapt a full-court projection reminiscent of the popular and classic arcade game, Pong, to add to the ‘Cavs Arcade’.

The relationship between Quince and long-standing NBA client, the Cleveland Cavaliers, began in 2014, when Quince and the Cavs teamed up to bring the court to life for the very first time with 3D projections to commemorate the Big Z jersey retirement ceremony. The court projection debut, which instantly went viral, launched 3D projection image mapping onto the forefront of the newest wave in sports entertainment. Since then, Quince and the Cavs have worked together extensively to coordinate pregame shows, halftime shows, time-out entertainment and commemoration ceremonies.

The Cavs were also the first NBA team to deploy discreet motion-tracking technology, which enables them to build real-time, interactive court projections. Wearable motion-tracking sensors trace participants’ movement, by synchronizing with state-of-the-art media servers, to deliver instant 3D compositing directly onto the surface of the court. For the full-court, pong-inspired game that took place during a timeout, two fans were selected to compete against one another using motion-tracking paddles to pass the virtual ball back and forth. Not only have the on-court arcade games provided an innovative platform upon which to delight fans and drive audience engagement, they have also captured the watchful eyes of potential new sponsors. Becoming part of a bigger sponsorship opportunity, the interactive court projections are tapping into the forefront of experiential marketing and simultaneously providing a hands-on, memorable experience for fans. The Cleveland Cavaliers are visionaries of modern sports entertainment and their crowd-pleasing efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. View the Cavs Arcade Here.

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About Quince Imaging:
Quince Imaging is a premier image display, content delivery, video production technology and services company for live events and permanent installations. Emerged from an increasingly crowded market of event services and AV companies, Quince is a leader in knowledge and a champion of quality – especially in the area of high-resolution graphic development and blended-image widescreen projection. Quince is the “Big Room”, “Big Event” provider with a reputation for delivering the highest quality services. Collaborating with clients at event design inception, Quince Imaging brings creativity, technical and process management expertise and a single-minded sense of dedication into meeting the client’s needs and goals.

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