September 20, 2016

Quince Imaging Designs Digital Court Projections for All 30 NBA Teams - Quince Imaging

HERNDON, VA, September 20: Quince Imaging, a leader in innovative image display technology, announced a partnership with Visual Concepts to engineer content for the latest installment of NBA 2K17, the basketball simulation video game published by 2K Sports. Quince was uniquely qualified to provide dynamic content for NBA 2K17 via their own suite of creative display designers and dedicated engineers specializing in image and content delivery and video production technology for live events and installations.

This fall’s release of NBA 2K17 had basketball fans and gamers alike pre-ordering the game; eagerly anticipating an updated sports roster, new features and an even sharper, more visually appealing gaming interface and content graphics. Quince Imaging is the decided choice here, as experts who continually change the face of sports entertainment, utilizing 3D image projection mapping to bring stadiums and arenas to life at sporting events, in real time. Temporary or permanent projection systems in sports venues throughout North America, are also being designed and installed by Quince, including Philips Arena, Prudential Center, Quicken Loans Arena, Wells Fargo Center and the United Center in Chicago.

Striving to amplify the gaming experience and make the court projections come alive digitally, as in real life, NBA 2K developer, Visual Concepts, partnering with 2K Sports, specifically contacted Quince Imaging and enlisted their expertise to design digital court projections for all 30 NBA teams. “As the first digital delivery for the Quince Team, the design challenge was to create a self-contained, real-time 3D environment to project images onto the virtual court. The solution was to replicate true video projection in the game by displaying the content through a virtual light source,” explained Eric Gazzillo, Senior Creative Services Engineer at Quince Imaging. Satisfied with the immersive digital court projections for the NBA, Visual Concepts then reengaged Quince, requesting 10 additional demos for the college segment of the game, Midnight Mania.

The NBA 2K17 release on September 20th, 2016 marks an exciting milestone for Quince Imaging. Not only will it represent an introduction to the platform of digital media, but also will introduce the creative teamwork of Quince Imaging to a global market. “Working with Visual Concepts to create digital sports projections for NBA 2K17 has given Quince the opportunity to create dynamic content for all 30 NBA teams and also to step outside of the world of live events for the first time,” remarked CJ Davis, Creative Services Director at Quince Imaging. “We will be in a position to demonstrate Quince’s creative capabilities across a new and exciting medium, and in front of a global audience.”

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About Quince Imaging:
Quince Imaging is a premier image display, content delivery, video production technology and services company for live events and permanent installations. Emerged from an increasingly crowded market of event services and AV companies, Quince is a leader in knowledge and a champion of quality – especially in the area of high-resolution graphic development and blended-image widescreen projection. Quince is the “Big Room”, “Big Event” provider with a reputation for delivering the highest quality services. Collaborating with clients at event design inception, Quince Imaging brings creativity, technical and process management expertise and a single-minded sense of dedication into meeting the client’s needs and goals.

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