Show producers (and frequent collaborators) Hargrove, Inc. and client Navy Federal Credit Union called upon Quince Imaging, once again, for the 52nd Annual Navy Federal Credit Union Gala.   Every year, NFCU acknowledges employees for their exceptional leadership, service, and commitment to their membership.   This year’s gala was at the Marriott Marquis in Washington DC.

From its inception, this project was conceived on a grand scale.   “They wanted to demonstrate that the company and its people are motivated beyond the basic interests of a financial organization,” says Quince Imaging’s Eric Gazzillo.   “They wanted this reflected in a production large enough to palpably communicate the scale of their appreciation to their membership.”

Enter the 162-foot wide screen, fabricated by show producers Hargrove, Inc., and transformed, 100%, by Quince Imaging projections.   No printed surfaces, no lighting, no effects of any kind, just projection.   On a technical note, the coolest part is that it was seamless.   And a seamless projection 162 feet wide using twelve 30,000 lumen projectors is not for the faint-of-heart, although it’s something they do with amazing skill and regularity at Quince Imaging.   Quince also utilized an 8k content playback system using Pandora media servers for a fast, smooth, and uninterrupted visual stream.

The projected content design was directed by NFCU’s compelling graphic identity and visual vocabulary.   An empathetic connection with the audience was created by blending graphics with archival imaging and contemporary photography.   The projected backdrop floated endlessly between traditional branding elements, images, and a live HD 3-camera shoot throughout the 2-hour long program.

Despite being one of the largest annual events hosted at the Marriott Marquis, scheduling constraints made it necessary for the entire event — from setup to load-out — to clock-in under the 40-hour mark.   Even so, demo to delivery chalked up an impressive 380+ man hours from the team at Quince Imaging.

“It seems some of the most rewarding projects go really, really fast”, says Gazzillo.

Tick. Tock. Done.

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