November 3, 2014

Quince Imaging Makes Projection Mapping Permanent for NBA and NHL - Quince Imaging

Following the success of last March’s projection mapping event for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Quince Imaging, Inc. has worked with NBA and NHL teams to make projection image mapping a permanent part of the in-game presentation experience. Quince Imaging was chosen by the Philadelphia 76ers, Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks to design, install, and maintain the league’s first permanent court-projection systems.

Quince’s projection expertise has not only found a lasting home in the NBA, but also the NHL. The New Jersey Devils are the first NHL team in the country to include full-rink projection as a permanent part of their fan engagement during hockey games. Quince Imaging has also been called upon to provide our specialty projection systems for the Calgary Flames, Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets and the Sacramento Kings. Utilizing cutting-edge projection technology, high power media servers, signal control and routing systems, Quince Imaging provides a system that accommodates multi-level redundancy, playback of 4K/Ultra HD content, remote monitoring, and integration with existing arena control and display technologies. Powerful imaging capability is just part of the success of these systems. The creation of unique 3D content enables our customers to deliver pre-game and in-game content in a new and visceral way. Working with Quince’s in-house creative and design group, each team is able to add 3D effects to their traditional game openings.

The Cleveland Cavaliers opted to take it one step further . . . The Cavs are the first team to implement discreet full-court real time tracking of individual players. The system is currently set up to track the Cavs starting lineup while interacting in real-time with the court projection system.

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