July 30, 2018

Major League Baseball Premieres Projection Image Mapping Technology During 2018 T-Mobile Home Run Derby - Quince Imaging

Projector design, innovative techniques and media server technology advancements have allowed image mapping on diverse surfaces, in adverse lighting conditions, to achieve new, exceptional heights, as was proved at this year’s spectacular, T-Mobile Home Run Derby during MLB All-Star Week. Originally limited to flat walls and dark backdrops, projection image mapping has evolved in recent years to encompass a limitless variety of venues and lighting conditions, creating opportunities for sports projection well beyond the realm of stadium and arena mapping.

Natural lighting, weather conditions and lack of available overhead projector space are considerations Quince’s engineering and creative teams had to keep in mind while designing the special event installation at Nationals Park. Special-event specific content creation, paired with strategic design of the optimal infrastructure and placement of the baseball-field projection installation was essential for a successful presentation following the Home Run Derby.

“The biggest difference between standard arena activation and a field activation is media server configuration,” said Eric Gazzillo, Quince Imaging producer. “Syncing the full 3D-workflow with all virtual projection and cameras within the 3D environment is key. In an arena environment, the overhead rigging allows for additional projector and camera angles that are not available on the field. Using 3D workflow allows us to account for the extreme angles in advance, reducing alignment time onsite.” Ventuz V6 premiere media servers, Christie Boxer projectors, and Christie Terra transmission were leveraged for optimal in-game presentation.

Major League Baseball first began inquiring about deployment of projection image mapping at baseball venues in 2016, when the Washington Nationals connected with Quince Imaging to design a creative concept for Nationals Park. That start eventually resulted in MLB’s decision to select projection image mapping following the Derby, setting a milestone as the premiere image-mapping event in the history of Major League Baseball.

“This year’s T-Mobile Home Run Derby was one of the most memorable ever, and Quince Imaging helped us deliver a groundbreaking on-field imaging show to cap off the night. The team from Quince was professional every step of the way, helping us accomplish this combination of technology and ballpark entertainment to our fans and players, who loved the show,” said Brian O’Gara, MLB Vice President, Special Events. The Home Run Derby finale, which took place immediately following the Home Run Derby on July 16th at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., featured comprehensive mapping of the full proximity of the infield. It also included highlights from that evening’s Home Run Derby, including recap, recognition and close-ups of the evening’s most memorable players and events.

“Working with Major League Baseball has been a milestone not only for Quince, but for in-game presentation throughout sports. Our team has been on the forefront of display innovation for over 20 years, and this project goes to show just how pervasive this technology has become. If any team out there has doubts about what projection technology can achieve, the Home Run Derby is a perfect example of what image mapping can do for indoor and outdoor sporting events across any sporting league,” stated Scott Williams, Co-Founder and COO of Quince Imaging.

View the MLB All-Star Week Home Run Derby Projection Mapping Event HERE.
View behind-the-scenes footage and learn more about this milestone projection mapping event HERE.

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